Able & Ambitious

At Tring School we recognise that there are students of exceptional abilities in one or more areas, as well as students that display a real passion and enthusiasm for specific subjects. We believe that all of our students, including our ‘able’ and our ‘ambitious’ students, should be provided with a wide range of opportunities and have their enthusiasm for learning, nurtured.

We provide our students with access to a broad range of enrichment and enhancement opportunities which will enable them to deepen their knowledge of their subjects, and explore wider aspects of them, areas that they may not necessarily be covered as part of the curriculum. In addition to this, lessons are purposefully challenging, in order to support high aspirations and enable all students to achieve their full potential. 

In order to support students with their learning, we actively encourage them to complete as many of our Tring School super-curriculum as they can. These activities can be accessed via the school website and will provide students with suggestions of wider reading, podcasts, TED talks, places to visit and other educational suggestions. Students also regular updates about guest speakers, trips, visits and lectures. There are many exciting opportunities such as residential academic courses with Villiers Park Educational Trust, open lectures at universities and a very comprehensive support package for students applying to Oxbridge and Russell Group universities. 

At KS5, our ‘Able and Ambitious’ students include those that are high attainers at GCSE and sit within the top 10% of the cohort (our Academically Most Able students). These students are often predicted 3 or more A or A* (or equivalent) grades. Our ‘Ambitious’ students are those identified by teachers, or those who identify themselves, as being ambitious in a particular aspect of their studies. 

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