Key Stage 5

At Tring School, we aim to develop a passion and enthusiasm for learning in every student in our Sixth Form. We want you to enjoy every subject that you study and develop a real interest and enthusiasm for them! In order to fully immerse yourself in each of your chosen subjects, you should complete independent learning during your study periods and free time as learning continues even when you leave the classroom. 

In order to support you with your learning, the super-curriculum has been created by each of your teachers, in every subject that you study. They have put together lots of ideas and suggestions about things you can ‘do’, ‘read’, ‘research’, ‘watch’ and ‘visit’. These suggestions will build on what you are learning in class, and allow you to independently explore anything you are particularly interested in. The super-curriculum will also enable you to read around your subject and gain a better knowledge and understanding of your subjects, providing you with a real advantage when it comes to your exams. Our aim is to stretch and challenge you and help you to discover new things that you are really passionate about! 

We also want to help you to develop other skills and encourage you to take part in different Tring School projects and events. Every time you complete a super-curriculum activity, keep a log of it, and let your teachers know. Bring your new knowledge to your lessons and share your ideas with your fellow classmates. It will also be really helpful to you if you attend university interviews and for writing your personal statement! 

Click here to see some general ideas and suggestions of things you can do to develop and stretch yourself! 

Art & Design: Fine Art & Photography

Computer Science






Media Studies

Modern Foreign Languages - Spanish

Philosophy & Religious Studies

Physical Education (PE)





Travel & Tourism


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