Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a high quality, enjoyable, challenging and rewarding programme of personal development activities for young people aged 14 – 25. 

Bronze Award for Year 10

We will soon be launching our Bronze award to our Year 10 students. Last year we supported over 100 students through their award. They completed their physical, skills and volunteering sections for either 3 or 6 months and completed their award with the expedition.

Due to potential numbers, we will be running two separate expeditions. This year our expedition weekends are provisionally

  • Friday 10 May - Sunday 12 May 2023 or
  • Friday 17 May - Sunday 19 May 2023.

In preparation for this, students must attend the compulsory meetings after school, 3 - 4pm in the dining hall, on the following dates:

  • Wednesday 22 November – eDofE sign up & groups 
  • Monday 12 February – Kit & packing
  • Wednesday 28 February – Food planning
  • Thursday 18 April – Navigation & first aid

There will be a final meeting for each cohort after the Easter break on Tuesday 7 May and Tuesday 14 May 2024 to ensure all groups know the final details for their expedition weekend. A letter will also come out closer to Easter to confirm this.

Deadline for sign up and deposit payment is Wednesday 15 November 2023. 

Please can all parents/carers of students on the Bronze Award ensure they have completed the relevant forms when they are sent out via Operoo as soon as possible. 

Dofe powerpoint parents students

Silver Award for Year 11

We have just launched our Silver award to our Year 11 students off the back of our first successful Silver award scheme last year where 14 students completed their practice and qualifying expeditions and are completing the last of their sections.

Our parent/student information evening is Monday 9 October 2023 5pm – 6pm in the Dining Hall.

This year, as well as completing their three sections, they will have a practice expedition in the rolling hills of the South Downs and a qualifying expedition in the beautiful Peak District to look forward to.

Dates for expeditions are as follows;

Practice expedition Thursday 21 March- Sunday 24 March

Qualifying expedition Thursday 27 June – Sunday 30 June

Students will also need to attend compulsory meetings at school:

Tuesday 7 November – eDofE sign up & groups

Thursday 1 February – Team building/food planning, kit & packing

Monday 11 March – Final meeting before practice expedition

Deadline for sign up and deposit payment is Monday 30 October 2023

Please can all parents/ carers of students on the Silver Award ensure they have completed the relevant forms when they are sent out via Operoo as soon as possible. 

Gold Award for Years 12/13

This year Tring school has launched the Gold award to our Year 12 and 13 students. 

Tring School has not previously offered an expedition through the school, but we are looking into this as an option. If we get enough interest, we will look to provide a 4-day practice and a 5-day qualifying expedition. It is likely that the training expedition would be in March/April, and the qualifying in June/July after summer exams.

Our parent/student information evening was held on Monday 25 September.

Please see below an great example of a Duke of Edinburgh presentation


Wildside Outdoors will provide tents, Trangia stoves, stove fuel, maps of the area and compasses.  This equipment will be split between team members to be carried throughout the expedition.  Students should ensure they keep room in their rucksack for shared group kit.  You can find a list of personal kit that you will need to obtain at this link: 

Please don’t feel like you need to head out and buy new equipment.  Tring School has a small supply of items that we can loan if needed.  Remember, you can use the DofE card you will have received in your welcome pack to get a discount at a range of outdoor stores.  If you have not received this, please get in touch and we can reissue one.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme?

The Duke of Edinburgh award was founded in 1956 by Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, and recognises the achievements of young people completing a specified series of activities that not only benefit the young person but also their community. Tring School has been running DofE awards since 2015 and currently have over 150 in the programme. Further information What is the DofE?

Why would my child benefit from completing the award?

There are a number of benefits to taking part: pushing personal boundaries; experiencing new activities and challenges; acquiring new skills; and enhancing a CV. DofE also makes participants highly attractive applicants to universities and potential employers. DofE helps participants develop leadership, teamwork, self-motivation, communication, confidence, consideration and the ability to learn. Further information.

Which year groups can participate in the DofE award scheme?

There are 3 progressive levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. At Tring School, we run DofE programmes in the following year groups:

  • Year 10 – Bronze
  • Year 11 – Silver
  • Year 12 – Gold (Offered if minimum number of participants met)

Participants embarking on the Silver Award do not need to have completed the Bronze award beforehand; similarly, participants about to start the Gold Award do not need to have completed the Bronze or Silver Awards, although they will find completing the award more straightforward and shorter if they have done.

How long does a DofE award take?

Both the Bronze and Silver awards can be completed in 12 months. Students can complete their Bronze award in Year 10 and their Silver award in Year 11.

The Gold award will take a minimum of 12 months, with a completed Silver award and 18 months if only the Bronze award is completed (or direct to Gold) to complete so this is launched in Year 12 with the aim to complete before leaving sixth form. Click here for more information about timescales.


Sections to last: 6 months, 3 months & 3 months (Participants can choose any of the 3 sections to complete for 6 months) Expedition is 3 days, 2 nights. Day 1 is the training walk and Day 2/3 is the qualifying walk.


Sections to last: 12 months, 6 months & 3 months (Participants must do their Volunteering for either 12 or 6 months) Practice expedition is 3 days, 2 nights. The Qualifying expedition is 4 days and 3 nights.

If you didn’t do Bronze, you must undertake a further 6 months in either the Volunteering or the longer of the Physical or Skills sections.


Sections to last: 18 months, 12 months & 6 months (Participants must do their Volunteering for either 18 or 12 months)

The practice and qualifying expeditions are 4 days, 3 nights. Residential section: Undertake a shared activity in a residential setting away from home for 5 days and 4 nights - students must find and organise this themselves, although we will assist with this.

If you didn’t do Silver, you must undertake a further 6 months in either the Volunteering or the longer of the Physical or Skills sections, even if you’ve done your Bronze.

Does it matter if my son/daughter cannot commit to one of the expedition dates or the training day?

Unfortunately, yes, participants do need to commit to the training day in full, the practice expedition and the qualifying expedition in order to successfully complete their DofE award. The training day forms part of the award itself and teaches participants the skills they will need to successfully complete their expeditions. These will include basic navigation, cooking a meal, using a stove, pitching a tent, packing a rucksack and first aid.

What activities can my son/daughter choose for the Volunteering, Physical and Skill sections?

There are a vast array of activities to choose from – participants need to check the official Approved List of possible activities on the official DofE website (

If the above does not answer your questions, please look on the DofE website or contact Tring School with your queries.


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