Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

At Tring, we believe  is everyone’s responsibility to come together and stand for equity, equality, diversity and inclusion. We want to eliminate all forms of unfair discrimination, harassment or other oppressive behaviour and will challenge all stereotyping and prejudice. 

At Tring School we want to promote equity, equality, diversity and inclusion by raising awareness of the need to recognise and respect people’s differences, and by making sure all individuals are treated equally and fairly. This is regardless of their age, gender, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or race. No one should have a suboptimal experience at Tring School. 

We want all staff, all students and all visitors at Tring to have positive and open minded attitudes, recognising that equity, equality, diversity and inclusion is a strength in our society and should be celebrated, valued and respected. Through their school journey, all students will be prepared for life inside a diverse society. Our teaching effectively celebrates, prepares, addresses and embraces the realities that come with living and working in a diverse school, community, country and world. 

"The school’s work on inclusion and diversity is particularly noteworthy."  Ofsted Report May 2023

Some of the work we have undertaken in this area includes the following: 

  • Staff training
  • Creation of a Student and Staff EDI group
  • Student led assemblies
  • Curriculum Development including strengthening our Life Skills programme
  • Curriculum Review of texts, topics and approaches
  • Participation in National Programmes e.g Bold Voices
  • Adaptations to our Uniform Code to include the Halo Code
  • Updating our Behaviour Policy
  • Cross Curricular days focusing on celebrating equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Work with our Partner Primaries

This work is ongoing.  Equality, diversity and inclusion are at the heart of our curriculum intent, and we work to ensure that a shared sense of belonging and inclusion is fostered in all our classrooms and the wider spaces in which we work.

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