Stag Mag

Editor's Introduction

As the new co-editors of Stag Mag, we’re both incredibly delighted to be spearheading the magazine into the future, and we have a myriad of exciting plans ahead!  Simply, we want Stag Mag to be a testament to the amazing depth of creative and technical skills that all of our students possess in some way - from the photography competition’s stunning entries to the short stories and poems submitted, to student-written insight into important real-world events.  The Stag Mag is really about all of you and for all of you! 

A big thank you to Fern Asquith for establishing such a varied and high-quality addition to life at Tring School.  Fern has made sure that the Stag Mag will be an enduring asset for Tring.  Thank you for your work and a great handover! 

Archie & Ella, Editors




Stag Mag Date  
Stag Mag Issue 6 17th Jun 2024 Download
Stag Mag Issue 5 31st Mar 2024 Download
Stag Mag Issue 4 01st Feb 2024 Download
Stag Mag Issue 3 25th Dec 2023 Download
Stag Mag Issue 2 12th Oct 2023 Download
Stag Mag Issue 1 21st Jul 2023 Download
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