School Uniform

Students are ambassadors of the school and a high standard of dress and appearance is expected at all times.  The Governors of Tring School together with the Headteacher are responsible for setting school uniform regulations. 

We are very proud of our uniform and expect all students to keep within the dress code set out below.

If parents or students are uncertain about any aspect of uniform or appearance they are advised to check with the school as students who do not comply with these requirements may be sent home or placed in Internal Exclusion. 

Sixth Form Dress Code 

Please click here for full details on the dress code for our Sixth Form students.

School Uniform Policy

Please click here to view Ridgeway Learning Partnership policies including the School Uniform Policy.

Uniform required for Year 7 - 11


This is plain black with the school crest on the pocket. The blazer should be worn at all times in school, apart from those lessons where blazers would be unsuitable. The school badge may be purchased from the school uniform shop.


Blouses and shirts are white, with a collar, full length cuffed sleeve or short sleeved if preferred. The blouse/shirt must be tucked in at all times. Fitted shirts that do not tuck in are not allowed. If a vest or T shirt is worn under the blouse or shirt it must be plain white.  Year 11 students wear a pale blue blouse or shirt

Jumper (optional)

A plain black V neck jumper with the school tie clearly visible through the V neck. No symbols or patterns are allowed on the jumpers. Cardigans are not acceptable and will be confiscated.


Skirts must be black, not rolled at the waist and be either:

  • Of a knife pleat stitched down design and no more than 10cm either above or below the knee in length. 
  • A black pencil skirt, no more than 10cm either side of the knee, of a majority polyester blend and with no more than 10% elastane (this can be checked on the garment label) 

From working with the focus group, our suggested retailers for our skirts are listed below.  We believe that these skirts offer comfort and style and they fit the dress code given.

We DO NOT allow the George at Asda pencil skirt as it does not meet the material requirement above and is therefore not a good fit. We do not recommend the M&S pencil skirts as these were poorer quality. 


Trousers must be of a full length, plain black, tailored and without external pockets. Skinny trousers, leggings, jeans or trousers made of any kind of denim or denim look alike are not permitted. If a belt is required it must be plain black with a simple buckle.

School Tie

The school tie is worn unless specific permission for its removal is granted. The tie is clip on with the house colour running through the stripe. All ties, including Year 11 ties can be purchased from the school uniform shop or the stationery shop located in the Learning Resource CentreYear 11 wear a blue tie with the house colour embroidered logo.


Socks must be plain black, grey or white. Tights may be black or neutral.


Black shoes (patent or polished) must be worn in school. Trainers and other types of sports shoes are only allowed during PE lessons. Heeled/canvas shoes and boots are not permitted.

Outdoor Coats

Parents are asked to provide sensible weatherproof coats. Denim and leather jackets are not allowed. Coats that are light coloured and/or incorporate fluorescent and reflective materials are more visible and therefore safer. Coat hoods must not be up unless the weather dictates it. Sweatshirts & hoodies are not allowed to be worn at any time unless permission (eg  Drama productions, House Captains etc) is given.


The wearing of jewellery in school is not recommended for reasons of health & safety, security and suitability. We strongly urge parents to discourage the wearing of jewellery at school. If, however, any parent still feels that some jewellery should be worn, only the following is permitted, which must be removed for activities such as sports and practical lessons.

  • One simple chain worn inside the blouse or shirt, i.e. not visible.
  • One simple signet ring, worn on a finger or on a chain around the neck.
  • Bracelets are not permitted.
  • For students with pierced ears, they are permitted to wear one small, plain single-stud in each ear, nothing else. Studs, bars & rings must not be worn on any other part of the body, including the nose, lip, eyebrow, navel and tongue (this is not an exhaustive list).
  • A watch.
  • Badges on blazers – only school issue ie Buddies, Library Ambassador, House etc.

If pupils are asked to remove items of jewellery for sports or practical activities, their safekeeping remains the pupils’ responsibility.


The wearing of make-up at school is considered unnecessary.

KS3/KS4 – Minimal make-up at the discretion of the House Office team. Nail varnish, false nails and eyelashes are not permitted for Years 7 – 11.

Hair must be appropriate for a smart, professional environment and must not be extreme in style or length. It should not be cut shorter than a number 2 and must not be shaved-patterned. This also applies to shaved eyebrows. Hair must be a natural colour. We follow the Halo Code at Tring School. Hijabs or any other head covering should be plain black. Only plain, functional and safe hair accessories are allowed.


Sports clothing or footwear is not permitted for school uniform.

PE Kit required for KS3 & KS4

* TS = kit with Tring School logo

Please purchase Logo items online from our School Uniform shop or our second hand uniform shop

* TS long blue sport socks * TS long blue sport socks * TS long blue sport socks
* TS black shorts, skorts or leggings * TS black shorts * TS black shorts, skorts or leggings
* TS blue polo shirt * TS blue polo shirt * TS blue polo shirt
Sports trainers Sports trainers  Sports trainers
Football/rugby boots (if required) Football/rugby boots Football/rugby boots (if required)
White sports socks White sports socks White sports socks
Swimming costume (one piece) Swimming shorts * TS Black polo shirt for GCSE 
and BTEC students only
Gum shield (if required) Gum shield Gum shield (if required)
Shin pads Shin pads Shin pads
* TS black track/training pant * TS black track/training pant * TS black track/training pant
* TS blue/white or blue/red rugby shirt * TS blue/white or blue/red rugby shirt * TS blue/white or blue/red rugby shirt
* TS black hoodie * TS black hoodie * TS black hoodie
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