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Sixth Form Induction Day | 28 June 2023

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16-19 Study Programmes at Tring School

We offer a range of A Levels and BTECs that offer students breadth and depth; these are structured and challenging programmes of study that support development and progression in line with students’ future plans. All provision is delivered face to face with students attending school every day during term time. 

All students will study a minimum of 3 A Levels/BTECs or Applied A Levels or a combination of these qualifications.These count as substantial qualifications. This is agreed by the student and the school and will remain unchanged throughout the year. Exceptions will be made if a student finds they have made the wrong choice and wishes to transfer. Students have 4 weeks to transfer to another programme following enrolment if they wish to. 

Each study programme is full time with a minimum of 580 planned hours. This includes the A Level study programme or equivalent along with extension/development or non qualification activity such as the EPQ, work experience, tutorials, study skills, life skills, and electives that develop students’ broader skills, character, attitudes and confidence.

Through our Life Skills programme, students gain real experience and knowledge of the workplace in order to enhance their employability skills. This includes a programme of work shadowing which gives students the opportunity to develop their career choices and apply their skills in working conditions. Work experience is also gained through a range of work related activity; this includes for example student enterprise activities, social action projects, volunteering as lesson ambassadors. 

Our Life Skills programme also supports students in understanding what healthy, respectful relationships look like and seeks to develop their knowledge, confidence and attitudes around relationships and sex.

If a student has not achieved a GCSE Grade 4 in English and Maths, they will be required to study these subjects at this level as part of their study programme. We also offer Level 3 Maths.  

The 16-19 tuition fund is used to support those students who have not achieved a Grade 6 in English and Maths at age 16 and our disadvantaged students. Students with SEND are given the support they need to access their programmes of study.

Applications For September 2023

We can continue to accept applications from students after the application deadline of 16 January 2023, up to the end of June. If students apply late or change their options after the application deadline, their applications to any oversubscribed courses will be considered after those students who applied for the courses on time.

This page has information to assist you in making your option choices and ensuring you meet the entry requirements.

Podcast Interviews 2022-23

The Head Student Team have produced a fantastic podcast series for new students to hear about subjects available in our Sixth Form.


Sixth Form Subjects at Tring School

Please click here to head to the Sixth Form Subject area of our website

Sixth Form Open Evening

Details on our 2024 entry will be posted here.

The following information is available in the folder at the bottom of this page:

  • Admission Policy for 2023 entry
  • Calculating your Total Point Score (TPS)
  • Induction Day Presentation 27 June 2022 (pdf copy of presentation shown below)
  • Sixth Form Introduction Booklet 2022-23
  • Subject Entrance Criteria 2023
  • Top Tips for Choosing Subjects
  • Proposed Year 12 Subject Blocks 2023

The ethos of the Sixth Form is one which places great emphasis on individual needs and pastoral care in order to ensure every student is successful.  We have a rigorous system of tracking student progress and invest quality time in intervention strategies.  The interventions are throughout both years in order to help the students fulfil all of their potential.  Pastoral guidance for students is extensive and they are supported to become well rounded individuals.  Ofsted state that 'Sixth Form leaders and tutors provide exceptional guidance, care and support'.

Courses in the Sixth Form require a high level of intellectual ability and commitment to work; it is paramount that students select courses that are appropriate to their ability. A good guide to identify the most suitable pathway is to use the GCSE total point score (TPS) system; this gives a true reflection of a student's current ability and has proved a reliable tool in deciding on the correct courses.

As a Church of England school, our faith is central to our long commitment to education and all that we do is grounded in our Christian Ethos.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Sixth Form.

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