Key Stage 4

At Tring School, we want you to enjoy every subject that you study and develop a real interest and enthusiasm for them. We also believe that learning should continue outside of the classroom, in order for you to be as prepared as possible for each of your GCSEs.

To support you with your learning, the super-curriculum has been created by each of your teachers, in every subject that you study. They have put together lots of ideas and suggestions about things you can ‘do’, ‘read’, ‘research’, ‘watch’ and ‘visit’. These suggestions will build on what you are learning in class, and allow you to independently find out more about anything you are particularly interested in. The aim is to stretch and challenge you and help you to discover something you are really passionate about.

Every time you complete a super-curriculum activity, let your teacher know, and they will reward you with achievement points. Follow the links below to find lots of ideas and suggestions for each subject you study.

Art & Design

Business Studies

Computer Science

Design & Technology (D&T)




Health & Social Care



Media Studies

MFL - Spanish


Physical Education (PE)




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