Expectations for Sixth Form

Sixth Form Expectations 


Students make a conscious decision to stay on in Sixth Form, or to join us in Year 12, and it is important for them to be aware of the increased expectations placed upon them. Our Sixth Form Students are required to be role models for other students, therefore they must agree to our Sixth Form rules.

1.  Learning: 

I will take personal responsibility for my learning and strive to reach the high expectations I set myself.*

2. Character: 

I will seize opportunities to develop my character by being a positive and proactive member of the school and wider community.**

3. Conduct: 

I will demonstrate excellent conduct within school, adhering to all policies and showing respect for staff and students at all times.***

* Students are to take responsibility for their own learning and be proactive in seeking help where it is needed. This includes seeing teachers outside of lessons if they are struggling with work, organising 1:1s as necessary and managing the demands of Sixth Form study. Students are expected to come to all lessons with homework / preparation work complete and to attend any intervention sessions offered.

** Students are to actively engage in opportunities for personal development by taking part in Electives, Lesson Ambassadors, Tutor Ambassadors and wider leadership roles within the school. Students are also expected to engage in community hours projects: volunteering, in order to give back to the school or wider community. 

*** Students are expected to conduct themselves in a mature fashion and be respectful to others at all times. 100% attendance is our expectation of all students and a good punctuality record is imperative. Students are to adhere to the Sixth Form Dress Code, including wearing their Sixth Form ID badge at all times. Students are required to use the school’s IT systems appropriately, check emails daily and have their own (fully charged) Chromebook or laptop in school at all times. Mobile phones and headphones are only permitted to be used discreetly when aiding learning; they should not be used in public areas around the school. If a student uses their mobile phone when not permitted, it will be confiscated. Students that do not meet these expectations, will be sanctioned accordingly. 

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