Outside the Curriculum

We take great pride in our expertise when preparing students for their futures.  In addition to supporting students with their academic success, we have a proven record in positively guiding students towards their chosen post 18 pathways.

Whether this be applying to university, a degree apprenticeship, an apprenticeship or a career, students are guided towards these pathways with support and care. 

We support students with their UCAS applications, personal statements, CVs etc and we discuss possible gap year activities. Our success in this area is best measured by the number of former students who keep in touch, informing us of successful paths taken and coming back to our Alumni Event which is held every December.

There is a full list of 2023 destinations and courses on the website.


Sixth Form students relish the opportunity to sign up to engage in electives of their choosing. Once a fortnight, students come off timetable on a Wednesday afternoon and choose a programme of enrichment to follow.  Most of the Electives span one term, allowing them to choose three Electives across the year. Some of our Electives, however, span a full year and offer a qualification at the end. 

This year, our Year 12 students can choose from the following Elective options:

  • Sports Leadership - 1 year course with qualification (including UCAS points)
  • EPQ - 1 year course with qualification (including UCAS points)
  • Critical Thinking
  • First Aid
  • Languages
  • Crochet
  • Team Sports
  • MOOCs

This year, our Year 13 students can choose from the following Elective options:

  • Public Speaking - 1 year course with qualification (including UCAS points)
  • Cookery
  • Team Sports
  • Personal Finance
  • Revision Skills
  • Yoga
  • MOOCs
  • Mindfulness

Community Scheme

The Sixth Form experience is about more than gaining academic qualifications. We place great emphasis on ensuring that our students are also well rounded individuals. We pride ourselves in offering a comprehensive range of personal development opportunities including a wide range of responsibilities and activities to broaden our students’ experience. These additional roles and responsibilities feed into a Community Award that we issue at the end of Year 12 which adds credibility to both job and UCAS applications.

Here are just a few opportunities that are available: 

  • Lesson Ambassadors
  • Mentoring
  • Reading and Maths Buddies: Tring School & Primaries
  • Study Support Champions for Key Stage 4
  • ASD Mentors
  • Wellbeing Mentors
  • Tutor Prefects
  • Running clubs
  • Active Citizenship projects
  • World Challenge and Duke Of Edinburgh Awards 
  • Drama Opportunities 
  • Music - school, district and international tours 
  • Sports teams - school, district, county and international tours 
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