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Sociology is the study of society.  You will learn about the society you live in and develop a wide range of knowledge and understanding about the world around you, and why things are the way they are!

Sociology is a really popular GCSE and students find it really interesting and relevant to their lives. We look at changes that are happening in society, and how government policies affect our lives. For example, decisions that the government makes will affect what you learn at school and the type of exams you will have to take! We also look at issues such as inequality and poverty; why do so some people struggle to have access to opportunities that should be available to everyone? Does a person’s gender, ethnicity or social class make a difference? Is society unfair because the rich and powerful chose to make it that way, or do people have control over how their lives are? Why do some people commit crime whilst others don’t? Is it a choice or are they forced into a life of crime due to their circumstance?

Key Stage 4

The Sociology GCSE course covers a range of topics such as the family, education, crime & deviance, social stratification and underpinning all of this is sociological theory and research methods. 

Please look at this link to see the full details of the AQA specification we follow.

Students learn to develop a range of skills including interpretation of data, analysis, interpretation and evaluation.  Students are encouraged to develop the ability to question patterns and explanations for social changes taking place and to think critically.  It is therefore essential that students possess an interest in current social affairs.  Students are taught in mixed ability classes.

Please click here for our GCSE Sociology website.

Able & Ambitious

In sociology, we believe that all students have the capacity to achieve well in our subject, and as such, we aim to challenge all of our students throughout their learning.

We encourage our students to be ambitious in their learning and to take a wider interest in the different topics they learn about. Our super curriculum has been designed to support students in extending their learning and we actively encourage students to complete as many of the suggestions as possible. Please click here to access the Sociology GCSE Super-curriculum. 

Social Sciences Team

Subject Leader Miss A Esland
  Miss Mollie Burns
  Miss Holly Flannery
  Mrs L Toovey


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