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At Tring School we instil a love of History.  We enable students to explore a range of important issues at local, national and international level and to examine their own values and attitudes, as well as understanding those of others.  We ensure students can become responsible citizens in our diverse world.

We strive to develop learners who are engaged, curious and not afraid to question and challenge.  We enable young people to become active and well-informed citizens who know how change is achieved, and that with rights come responsibilities.

As a department we want our pupils to be critical thinkers, able to question and interrogate evidence and be able to express their views orally and on paper. We aim to prepare students for life beyond school by enabling them to develop skills to work effectively as an individual, as part of a team and as a leader in order to contribute positively to society.

The History department provides both fun and informative lessons which enable the students to excel with their careers. The trips and extra-curricular activities provide lasting memories which help to build a well-rounded student. The department consists of specialised History teachers each with their own style of teaching creating a variety of activities in lessons.

Key Stage 3

Students study a range of topics from the Medieval Period through to Modern day.  Lessons include a variety of activities that focus on a combination of historical skills as well as important events. 

History lessons give our students the opportunity to flourish and include activities such as role-play, you-tube clips, group work and individual projects.  All teachers have high expectations of our students and encourage them to reach their potential.

Year 7

  • Contenders to the Throne
    • What problem did Edward the Confessor leave for England in 1066?
    • Why did William win the Battle of Hastings?
  • Norman Rule
    • How did William keep control?
  • Castle/Feudal System
    • What were Motte and Bailey castles and where were they built?
    • What was the Feudal system and why was it introduced?
    • Why was the Domesday book created?
  • King John 
    • Was King John a bad king?
    • Why did King John have to sign the Magna Carta?
  • Black Death and Peasants Revolt
    • What was the black Death and what was its impact on Medieval England?
    • (Including an independent investigation on the Black Death)
    • Why did the peasants of England rebel?
  • Medieval Religion 
    • What was the role of the church in Medieval England?
    • Why did Thomas Becket end up murdered in Canterbury cathedral?

Year 8

  • Tudors - Henry VIII and the Break with Rome
    • Who were the Tudors?
    • What was the Break with Rome?
  • Tudors - Edward VI, Mary I & Elizabeth
    • How did the later Tudor monarchs change the English Church?
    • Why was there a Spanish Armada?
  • Tudors - Mary Queen of Scots
    • What problems did Mary, Queen of Scots cause Elizabeth?
  • Terrorism
    • What is meant by the term terrorism?
    • What impact has terrorism had through the ages?
    • Did the Suffragettes help women get the vote?
    • What was Apartheid and how did Mandela try to abolish it?
    • Should the tactics of the IRA be considered terrorism?
    • What were the consequences of 9/11?
  • WWI
    • Why did the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand lead to a World War?
    • What was life like in the trenches?
    • (Including an independent investigation looking at life in the trenches)
    • How did technology improve during World War I?
    • Did the British blockade lead to Germany calling for an armistice in 1918?

Year 9

  • WWII - Including an in-depth study on the Holocaust
    • What were the causes of WWII?
    • Was the Battle of Britain a turning point in WWII?
    • Was the dropping of the Atomic Bomb justified?
    • Which groups of people in Germany were considered enemies of the state by the Nazis and were, therefore, persecuted?
    • What does the term 'Final Solution' mean and what was its origin?
  • Civil Rights and Black Lives Matter
    • How did the slave trade work and who benefited? 
    • How important was the role played by key individuals?
    • What started the 'Black Lives Matter' movement? 
  • Independent investigation 
    • Students have the opportunity to work in groups to investigate a History topic of their choice.
    • Each group presents their mystery and overall conclusion.
    • This project is an opportunity for students to bring together all of their history skills including analysing primary and secondary sources and coming to their own interpretation.    

KS3 History for wider reading

Key Stage 4

History has always been an interest of mine throughout my life, from Horrible Histories to textbooks, I have always loved History. When choosing my options for GCSE it was a straightforward choice, History had to be among my choices.  So far this year we have covered medicine through time and some parts of the Normans. We have also been on a school trip to the London Dungeons, which was very good. I am looking forward to continuing with history and maybe choosing it as one of my A-levels.  Sam, Year 9

History is a very popular subject at GCSE. We follow the AQA course and study:

Paper 1: Understanding the modern world

  • Russia, 1894–1945: Tsardom and Communism
  • Conflict and Tension, 1894–1918

Paper 2: Shaping the nation

  • Britain: Health and the People: c1000 to the present day
  • Norman England, c1066–c1100

How is the course assessed?

100% examination. Two papers at the end of Year 11, each paper is 2 hours long.

What websites would you recommend?

Tring School Students have access to the Tring School History Website and we strongly recommend that they use this.  They will find information on Text books suggested by the department.  Also use BBC Bitesize.

Enrichment & Extra-Curricular

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  • Holocaust Survivor
  • The Christmas Truce Trip
    • Visit some of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission cemeteries and experience a re-enactment of the 1914 Christmas Truce. 
  • Imperial War Museum
    • Including a visit to the Holocaust exhibition
  • 2023 - trip to Warwick Castle

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  • The Somme Trip
    • 3 day trip visiting many of the key battle sites of the First World War
  • London Dungeons
  • Pevensey Castle & Battle

History Department

Subject Leader Mrs P du Bois
Assistant Subject Leader KS3 Miss E Duggan
Assistant Subject Leader KS5 Mrs F Manser
  Miss E Bandy
  Miss J Mackay


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