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Media Studies

Our aim is to foster and support independent and self-reliant learners. We encourage and teach our students to be critical thinkers.  The course offers both practical and theoretical elements ensuring a diverse and inclusive curriculum.

Students make outstanding progress in this subject at Tring School, whilst developing an independent attitude, self-reliance and confidence that helps them throughout their lives.

Key Stage 4

At KS4, learners study a range of media forms in terms of a theoretical framework which consists of media language, representation, media industries and audiences.

The following forms are studied in depth through applying all areas of the framework: newspapers, television, music video and online, social and participatory media. Advertising and marketing, film, video games, radio and magazines are studied in relation to selected areas of the framework. There is a 30% practical component in which students are given a set brief to respond to. They will be required to produce a media product using industry standard software.

Students will learn how to decipher the ever-changing nature of media. Students will use critical thinking to analyse media texts. They will consider how media products engage their target audience and how users interact thanks to digital technology. Students will examine media institutions and consider their global impact. We will learn how to apply theory and consider how media language is communicated through symbolic codes. Lastly, students will consider how different social groups are represented in the media and the impact this has on our society.

We prepare our students for the real world. They are taught to develop skills in independent research, self-management and project planning, and are judged on their innovation & creativity within challenging time frames.

  • Students learn to analyse a range of contemporary and historical media products.
  • In production, students learn to use cameras, lights and sound to create professional products.
  • In post-production, students learn technical skills in photo manipulation and digital image effects.
  • Students will learn how to film and edit using Final Cut Pro


Students make outstanding progress in this subject at Tring School. They develop an independent attitude to learning, a professional level of self-reliance, and a confidence in their performance that helps them in the years to come. These skills are equally vital in University, apprenticeships, and the workplace. Pupils regularly meet their targets at both KS4 and KS5 and a large proportion of our pupils exceed targets.  Many of our students win places to study media related Degree courses at some of the best higher education establishments to study subjects as diverse as Animation, Outside Broadcasting and Film Production and editing.


Students are encouraged to get involved with a range of Film and Media related activities across the school and all are encouraged to borrow equipment for filming and recording assemblies, events, school plays and sports days.

Our Sixth Formers are training the filmmakers of the future. We watch newly released films and write reviews for posting online and later in the year we use our knowledge to start introductory film making sessions.

Media trips have included visits to the BBC, Sky Studios and the British Film Institute.


Acting Subject Leader Miss A Ellershaw
  Mr I Holmes - KS5 Director of Achievement
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