Year 10 Work Experience 2014

The two weeks before half term were set aside for Work Experience for all our Year 10 students. It’s a really busy fortnight for everyone and lots of work is involved in getting students prepared and ready to join the world of work for a taste of life after university, college or school.

The aims of work experience are many, but it is really about giving students the opportunity to find out more about work and acquire some new skills in the workplace. The steps to get there are many, we have a huge database of placements for students to look at matching takes place from February onwards. It’s a “first come first served” which works well – students who are organised and who log on early get the best pickings! Students can also find their own placements through friends and family, we really encourage this because students are more likely to settle in quickly and get what they want from the experience.

Tutors, Heads of House and the Connexions team are all involved in visiting and telephoning students during the fortnight to find out how things are going and make sure everything is running smoothly. We take photographs and create a display in school afterwards which all years enjoy looking at.

There were lots of highlights this year as usual, it’s great to visit and see our students find their feet and really fly in their placements. Not everyone is academic and it is especially important if a student is struggling at school that we help them find a placement where they can grow in confidence and develop some new skills.

We always ask for feedback and it was good to hear from so many parents this year, we know there is lots of work involved in getting your children transported to the right place, looking the part and in the right frame of mind! So thank you for your comments and hard work.

Finally, a huge thank you to all the businesses who supported us this year, it’s great to have so many local businesses offering placements and many of you have been loyal to the scheme for a number of years.

We look forward to meeting our new Year 10 parents in December to start planning for Work Experience 2015.

Mrs D Griffiths & Ms S Atherton, Connexions

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