It is your right to have the best working environment we can provide – in return you must respect others right to work and do your best to follow the advice and expectations laid down by your teachers.

Work is different in the Sixth Form; principally you will be expected to work more independently. Go to your subject teacher if you are unsure about any aspect of work and check on your progress with them. You will have a number of unsupervised periods which should not be regarded as free periods but utilised for working. As a general rule 75% of free periods should be spent working.

Entry criteria for Year 13

Study Time

click below to view the hours of study that Sixth Form students are expected to do outside of timetabled lessons:

School Planner

Sixth Form students are required to purchase their own diary or planner which is an essential tool for ensuring that a student is well organised. Good organisation is crucial to ensure success and makes the increased workload in the Sixth Form more manageable. The diary/planner should be used daily to log all homework, coursework, deadlines and test scores. Smart phones may also be used for this purpose, but should only be taken out to log details at the end of a lesson with the teachers permission. When attending meetings with the Sixth Form Team and Form Tutors, students should be able to produce their diary/planner with a log of all the above.


Students should keep a record of when work is set and the deadlines. Do not leave everything to the last minute, especially when several of these deadlines coincide. Take the opportunities many staff offer for significant pieces of work, and hand it in before the deadline. This gives you so the opportunity to improve and redraft it. Deadlines must be adhered to.

Paid Work

Many, but not all sixth formers take the opportunity to do paid work. This can have more than just monetary advantages, enabling you to develop other skills. However every year a significant number of students run into serious trouble with their school work because they find themselves over committed with their employer. Unfortunately many employers show little consideration for what should be the students’ first priority; school work. More than ten hours paid work and you are likely to run into trouble at some time. Recent research has shown that students taking 4 AS levels or 3 A2 levels, under perform to the level of one grade in each subject as soon as paid employment reaches 15 hours a week.