Specialism: Year 10 & 11 BTEC Work Skills Level 2 Certificate

The aim of BTEC Work Skills is to help you improve your child’s knowledge and understanding of the skills needed to gain and retain a job. A recent survey from the Confederation of British Industry showed that most employers want employees with a positive attitude and wider employability skills to succeed in the workplace. The survey suggested that, ‘these wider employability skills should include: general communication skills, applied numeracy, team working, problem solving and integrity’. The Work Skills course provides these skills.

What will my child be studying?

The course is made up of 9 units and is equal to 1 GCSE.
Units covered include: Alternatives to Paid Work, Working as a Volunteer, Managing your Own Money, Self-management Skills, Working in a Team, Running an Enterprise Activity and Producing a Product
Practical activities vary every year and have included: creating the school herb garden, making and selling birdfeeders for a profit, catering for the Governors’ meeting and rejuvenating the school allotment.

How is the course assessed?

BTEC qualifications are modular and are assessed using a variety of methods such as written assignments, practical tasks and presentations. The course is assessed through coursework assignments and observations of practical activities. Please note that although there is a practical element to the course, pupils must also submit written assignments.

Is there an examination?

There is no examination for this course.

What equipment should my child have?

All students should have pencils and coloured pencils for design work (we do not endorse the use of felt tip pens) as well as pens for their written work.

What websites would you recommend?








How can I support my child’s learning?

Please ensure that homework tasks are completed as they will often be essential for the following lesson.

For further information, please contact:

Mrs H. Knight