Tring School pioneers Google Expeditions technology

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Tring School students have been trialling Google’s new Expeditions technology, enabling them to embark on round-the-world trips from the comfort of the classroom.  This initiative has been successfully led by Nigel Barlow, Assistant Head and Chris Lickfold, Director of Learning.

On 4 October, students at Tring School virtually visited the Galapagos Islands, Antarctica, Mount Everest, The Grand Canyon and the International Space Station! They were also taught a geography lesson from inside a volcano and a science lesson from inside the human circulatory system.

After  “visiting”  Barcelona one year 7 student said “I found it amazing! It felt like you were actually there!”

Google Expeditions is virtual reality software. Teachers send three-dimensional, 360 degree panoramas from a mobile device, to each student’s cardboard viewer and point out areas of interest, encouraging interactive learning. Students gain a real insight into the places they are visiting and the topics being studied. Google is developing Expeditions content for the whole breadth of the school curriculum to enhance the student learning experience.

Commenting on this exciting new software, head teacher Sue Collings said:

“Google Expeditions is going to be a fantastic addition to the classroom. It makes learning come alive in a way that really engages and inspires children. To see ‘first hand’ the damage that is being done to Machu Picchu by international tourism and the effects of pollution on the Great Barrier Reef is revolutionary. Not only is this very exciting for the children, it will also enhance their thirst for learning.”

Tring School as a Google Reference School will be seeking to fully embrace the Expedition technology over the coming months.

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