The Tring Trek – A Personal Account

Last summer I bought a fantastic pair of Japanese shoes and discovered the joys of walking! For a House activity, I followed the Tring Trek route on a lovely autumnal Saturday morning so was aware of (and a little daunted by) what lay ahead on what was, at that point, the hottest afternoon of the year. Surrounded by most of my tutor group, we all set off from the playground in high spirits. Sub-groups formed and split as everyone found their own pace; lovely to have time to chat to people we don’t see that often.

Once into the park, the woods were a beckoning oasis, but there was still a steep incline ahead and great walking shoes or no, as more and more people passed me, I thought I might be bringing up the rear! A gentle voice asked if I was OK and an encouraging arm was slipped through mine to help me along to the half-way point where I spotted an ex-student who’d come out to see what was happening – it was wonderful to catch up with all her news. With water downed, a renewed spring in my step and my guardian angel at my side, the homeward stretch was eminently achievable. A Florence Nightingale moment involved us assisting a hobbling student to hastily arranged transport back to school, where colour- coded Tring Trek wristbands were collected and worn home with pride.

A challenging, but enjoyable, community activity with well over 10,000 steps – great for both body and soul!

Special thanks to Michelle and Tara.

Mrs D Barnfield, Form Tutor, A6

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