The Redevelopment of Tring School

It seems a long while ago now but you will hopefully recall that last February we were amazingly successful in our application for funding to refurbish or rebuild large parts of our school. This was part of a Government programme called “PSBP2” and we are without doubt one of the most successful applicants in the country in terms of size and funding.

Since then there has been frustratingly little activity “on the ground”. We have had surveyors visit and we know that there are a lot of Government planners undertaking feasibility studies of all 272 schools involved and intend to announce the results of these all at the same time. We are hoping this will be very early in the New Year.

We haven’t been idle, though, and we have put a great deal of time and effort into resolving the exceptional complex land and legal issues relating to the school and in particular the sports   centre. The sports centre is, as I’m sure you are aware, operated by Sportspace on behalf of Dacorum BC. This brings with it a whole new set of complexities but we are optimistic that the sports centre will see some elements demolished and rebuilt and other areas substantially refurbished but as yet we are unable to share any details.

So, whilst the project remains tremendously exciting and brilliant news for Tring School (and the community) we are still sort of  holding our breath! We will share what news we can and as soon as we can.