Specialism:Year 13 Product Design Textiles

What will my child be studying?

Your child will be studying the AQA Product Design: Textiles course. During year 13 he/she will be furthering their knowledge of textile science, manufacturing techniques and processes as well as past and contemporary fashion and style icons.

How is the course assessed?

There are two elements of this course; Coursework and a terminal examination, each worth 50% of the qualification. The theory is divided into 3 separate elements:
Section A: Materials and Components
Section B: Design and Market Influences
Section C: Processes and Manufacture

Are there Controlled Assessments?

There is no Controlled Assessment at A2 level. There is one major piece of coursework which is entirely the student’s choice. It is recommended that students base their work on a specific era and art movement as this will ensure a wide range of study and the development of knowledge and understanding.

How long are the examinations?

There is one 2 hour written paper worth 84 marks. It is based primarily on Design and Manufacture and consists of two sections. Students answer three questions: one question from three in each section, plus a final question from either section. This includes a synoptic assessment.

What equipment should my child have?

Students should always have drawing equipment as well as pens and a range of small textiles equipment.

What texts would you recommend?

Textiles at the Cutting Edge : Paperback by Lesley Cresswell

What websites would you recommend?


How can I support my child’s learning?

Ensure that your child completes tasks set to the highest standard and always meets deadlines during the course.

For further information, please contact:

Mrs K Baker at: kbaker@tringschool.org