Looking for Work after Sixth Form

Moving on after Year 13

Your Programme in Year 12 & 13

  • Careers Fair next week -which talks are best for me?
  • COOL Time – Autumn Term
  • Guest speakers – from local companiies e.g Grass Roots
  • Connexions
  • Interview Techniques
  • Support and interest from our local business network and parents

What you can do now

  • Find a part-time job
  • Look for volunteering opportunities
  • Try work experience over the summer
  • Update your CV
  • Talk to family, friends, build a supportive network for yourself
  • Investigate and research careers, try out careers packages on moodle
  • Speak to Connexions PA or me about your ideas

National Apprenticeships

  1. The National Apprenticeship Service has a growing profile
  2. Our local Co-ordinator attending Careers Fair next week
  3. We will running a session on this in Autumn the term
  4. Students can register now and have a look at what is on offer

The Complete Guide to Higher and Degree Apprenticeships

Grass Roots Apprenticeships

  1. Started in 2011
  2. Open to Year 13 school leavers locally
  3. This year 6 positions.
  4. Training, incl. part-time degree courses
  5. Pay more than National Apprenticeships
  6. Great opportunity for our students!

Job Search & The Internet

  • Wealth of information on the internet
  • Channel Mogo – Connexions website local to Hertfordshire
  • Speak, text or email a Careers Advisor
  • XC Centre at Hemel Hempstead
  • Support after leaving school

Resources We Can Offer

  1. Our website being updated
  2. Moodle – expert careers packages
  3. School Connexions
  4. Careers 1:1 advice
  5. Careers Library
  6. Information, Advice and Guidance
  7. Monday, Wednesday and Connexions PA in one day per week
  8. Book your appointment

A Successful Job Search


  • Be prepared
  • Plan now
  • Be mindful – your ideas will change!
  • Continue training and learning – Lifelong Learning
  • Ask for help


  • Leave it…spring term is too late
  • Stick your head in the sand – lots of students do!
  • Expect a job to come to you
  • You will have to try harder than last year’s leavers!

We Are Fortunate

  • Hertfordshire workforce has stayed relatively stable
  • Milton Keynes, Watford and London have many company headquarters
  • We have a Connexions Service
  • Youth unemployment staying stable