Starting in the Sixth Form

Introduction to Year 12 Presentation – September 2017

Year 11 into Year 12 Start of Term Arrangements – September 2017

Please note that due to the volume of students and the individual time we wish to dedicate there will be some waiting around for appointments with the Sixth Form Team.  There will be a full appointment schedule published on each day, so that all students know when their allocated time is to be. Students may wish to leave the school site and return 10 minutes before their appointment.

Year 12 into Year 13 Start of Term Arrangements – September 2017

Required Forms

All Year 12 applicants for September 2017 must ensure that they return the ‘Intentions Form’ by Tuesday 29 August 2017 to secure their place. Without the Intentions Form the application will be withdrawn.

Applicants from other schools will also need to return their ‘GCSE Results 2017’ Form by Tuesday 29 August 2017.

If you wish to apply to Tring School Sixth Form to start Year 12 in September 2017 and have not yet submitted an application, you can come to meet us on Thursday 7 September. We will be happy to meet with you as a late applicant and to discuss your joining our Sixth Form. Please contact us on if you wish to make an application and fill in the application form.

Subject Summer Work

At our induction day in June, students were provided with summer work from most of the subject teachers. We expect that students will have completed any homework for their chosen subjects by the start of term in September. Please find links to homework and other subject information below.

Art – Summer Work

Biology – Summer Work

A Guide to A Level Biology 2017

BTEC Business – Summer Work

A Level Business – Summer Work

Chemistry – Summer Work

A Guide to A Level Chemistry 2017

Computer Science – Summer Work

Creative Media Production – Summer Work

Creative Media Production – Grid for summer work

Drama – Summer Work

A Level Drama & Theatre Info

Economics – Summer Work

English – Summer Work

A Guide to A Level Environmental Science 2017 – no summer work set

Film Studies – Summer Work

Geography – Summer Work

History – Summer Work

History The Tudors – unit overview

History – List of Tudor novels and dvds

History – Reading List

Single Maths Course Info and Summer Work

Further Maths Course Info and Summer Work

Maths New Entrance exam practice for 2017

Level 3 Mathematical Studies – Info

A Level PE – Summer Work

Philosophy & Ethics – Summer Work

Photography – Summer Work

Physics – Summer Work

A Guide to A Level Physics 2017

Politics – Summer Work

Politics – Induction Day

Product Design – Summer Work

Psychology Taster Lesson – no summer work set

Sociology – no summer work set, please buy book as link

Sport BTEC – Summer work

Single Travel – Summer Work

Double Travel – Summer Work