This agreement is intended to give students a clear understanding of what they can expect from the Tring School and what is expected from them.

Tring School will endeavour to provide:

  • A full programme of academic courses by suitably qualified staff using appropriate facilities and resources.
  • Support from the dedicated Sixth Form Team based in the Sixth Form Centre.
  • Support in terms of careers advice, Higher Education application and a Life Skills programme.
  • A friendly, caring and supportive environment, including a tutor who will help to monitor your progress, provide guidance and advice, including setting targets for improvement.
  • Continual feedback to students on their academic progress, including a Parents Evening, Achievement Trackers and individual and group tracking and monitoring depending on individual student needs.
  • A variety of extra curricula and social activities.

As a student you will be expected to follow the Sixth Form Six Expectations:

  1. Students are to be punctual and attend all registrations and lessons, with a minimum attendance of 90%. All students must adhere to the Home Study policy
  2. Students arrive fully prepared for lessons.
  3. Students are to take responsibility for their own learning and be proactive in seeking help.
  4. Students are to adhere to the Sixth Form dress code, including wearing the Sixth Form badge.
  5. Students are not allowed to use mobile phones within lessons unless instructed by the teacher, and only for the purpose of recording homework / work related to lesson.
  6. Students are required to check emails daily