How to Choose Subjects

Do you have a specific career in mind that dictates the subjects you must pick? If you have a particular university course in mind it may be worth using the UCAS website ( to check course entry requirements. The Russell Group of Universities have published a guide to helping you choose Post-16 courses called Informed Choices.

  • What subjects do you enjoy? You will be spending 8 hours a fortnight in lessons and a further 4-6 hours per week completing work outside of lessons (per subject). Therefore, it is essential you enjoy each subject.
  • What subjects are you good at? Please check each subject’s specific entry criteria; it is essential that you meet this.
  • Talk to your subject teachers and discuss suitability.
  • Understand what is involved in the study of the subjects in terms of the topics to be covered, amount of coursework to be completed, meeting deadlines etc.
  • Check out information in the Connexions Centre and on the Careers Section of this website.
  • Ensure you are staying at Tring School because you want to and not just because your friends are.
  • Research our courses in the online prospectus
  • Visit subject stands at the Post 16 Subject Fair.
  • Students should ensure they choose their courses wisely as after the first three weeks of study they will be unable to change them.

Subject Blocks—2017 Entry

Students should choose one option from either three or four of the option blocks below, depending on their predicted TPS (Total Point Score).