Courses in the Sixth Form require a high level of intellectual ability and commitment to work; it is paramount that students select courses that are appropriate to their ability. A good guide to identify the most suitable pathway is to use the GCSE total point score (TPS) system; this gives a true reflection of a student’s current ability and has proved a reliable tool in deciding on the correct courses.

To join the Sixth Form students need to meet the following criteria:

  • Have a minimum TPS of 32
  • Meet the subject specific entry criteria
  • Have a full programme of study, this entails 3 or 4 Level 3 qualifications (A level courses or equivalent)
All GCSEs except English Language and Literature and Maths BTEC English Literature and Language and Maths
D3Level 11.7555

To work out your TPS, add up your best 8 grades (including Maths and English Language).

All students will have the opportunity to discuss their options with a member of the Sixth Form team and advice will always be given to suit individual needs.

Subject specific entry criteria can be found below:

Entry Criteria 2017