Students who enter the Sixth Form have one clear objective – better and more advanced qualifications. This objective is realised by our students, year in, year out and results in all qualifications offered have been excellent over many years.

Study in the Sixth Form

We offer a full and broad range of subjects and additional subjects may be possible collaboration school.

A Levels (2 year courses examined at the end of Y13)
BTEC (2 year courses with ongoing coursework throughout Y12 and Y13)

LEVEL 2: (all 1 year courses)
Students who do not achieve a GCSE grade 9 – 4 in either Mathematics or English Language will have the opportunity to gain a level 2 qualification in these subjects.
It is a statutory requirement that all Post 16 students in state C of E schools follow a Religious Studies programme. Therefore, Tring School Sixth Form students are obliged to attend 3 Philosophy & Ethics Conferences a year.

Year 12 Proposed Blocks 2017