Attendance & Bursary Fund

It is a student’s right to be delivered a full programme of study in their subjects and to be given proper support and assistance by their tutor and other staff.

For this to happen you need to attend all lessons and tutorials on time. One of the first comments made in any reference concerns attendance and punctuality. Attendance is based on prompt arrival to registration as well as attendance to all lessons. They are very important aspects of your ability to organise yourself as well as good manners.

If you know that you will be absent from school for some reason, including university and college open days, you must collect a Leave of Absence Request form from the Sixth Form Office. This should be signed by the subject teachers of lessons you will miss, your parent/carer, form tutor and a member of the Sixth Form Team. If the absence is unplanned, due to illness for example, the school must be notified as soon as possible and students will need to see teachers in order to catch up with work as soon as they return to school. Unauthorised absences do not look good on your record and again reflect negatively on any reference.

The School Day – Students must remain on the premises during lesson time. If there is a legitimate reason to leave, you can speak to someone in the Sixth Form Office who may give you permission to sign out. Sixth Form students may leave the school site at break but must ensure they return by 11.00am. Students may also leave the site during the lunch break. It is important that students sign in and out when they leave the school site.

Attendance in school

  • Be in school by 8.35 in order to be in Tutor time by 8.40
  • Be in lessons on time
  • Arrange doctors, dentists and orthodontists appointments etc. out of lesson times
  • Driving Lessons. This is obviously the time when many students start having driving lessons. You can arrange these during Home Study periods only, or outside of school hours.
  • If you know you are going to be absent, like attending University open days, you will need to complete a ‘Leave of Absence’ form in advance.  This then notifies the Sixth Form Team as well as subject teachers to your absence.
  • In other circumstances, such as illness, you will need to let the school know as early as possible and email your subject teachers to find out what work you have missed. Try to do this before the next lesson with them.
  • Holidays are not authorised during term time.

Home Study

Year 12 students are allowed to take Home Study period 5 only if they do not have a timetabled lesson. This means that students who are free period 5 can sign out outside the Sixth Form Office from 1.35pm and they do not have to come back into school. It is imperative that students sign out.

Year 13 students will follow the same procedure for Year 12 students, but throughout the year Home Study may be increased. The Head of Sixth Form will use Tracker data and discussions with students to determine where further Home Study is appropriate. From Easter Year 13 students who are on track are in school for lessons only. Again it is essential that all students sign out in the Sixth Form Office. This programme of Home Study prepares students for independent life after the Sixth Form.

Failure to sign out will affect a student’s percentage attendance as the appropriate code will not be recorded.

Bursary Fund

To find out more about the Bursary Fund, please read the documents below: