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Sky’s the limit

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46 students from KS5 Creative Media Production went on a day trip to Sky Academy’s Career Hub in west London. They had a tour of a live broadcast studio and saw the frantic Sky Sports newsroom in action, as well as having the opportunity to pitch their ideas to the rest of the group for a new drama.

The students also took a virtual tour of some of the careers available within the company, and met Spencer Fearon – a sports pundit and ex-champion boxer – who gave a great motivational (and hilarious) speech about their future.

They also had the chance to work on an extended project within three ‘challenge’ areas – sports, news & entertainment, before being shown Sky’s programme of work experience and their apprenticeship schemes.

Student, Sam said of the day “A very inspiring morning. It gives a real insight into the workings of media and all the key jobs and work experiences as well as apprenticeships that this includes. This day not only inspired me but gave me something to aim for and look forward too”

We hope the day opened a few eyes and gave them some idea of where they might see themselves in the future; we will certainly be taking some of the things we have learned back to the classroom!

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