Specialism:Year 10 Resistant Materials

What will my child be studying?

This is a highly practical course where students will be involved with a range of materials, processes and technologies involved in designing and producing high quality products. They will develop their knowledge, understanding and skills through practical workshop sessions, class work, personal research and project work. Topics covered include drawing, design and presentation techniques, manufacturing systems and control and sustainability.

Students will be working for the AQA GCSE Resistant Materials syllabus. The first year of the two year course deals with the students acquiring the underpinning skills that are essential to their success in both the written paper and the controlled assessment. The course is carefully planned to ensure that they are taught the skills that are the foundation of the Resistant Materials course. Students will learn through the making of a keepsake box in wood, a hole punch in metal and they will also work in groups on a plastics project on an electric car which will teach them about batch production.

How is the course assessed?

The course consists of coursework worth 60% of the whole and 40% as an external exam based on all the theory studied. Assessments based on GCSE descriptors for each grade are made throughout the course to ensure that students know the level at which they are working as well as how to improve.

Are there Controlled Assessments?

There is one Controlled Assessment which is completed under a level of medium control. This consists of a design folder and a final practical outcome based on one of many design contexts set by the exam board. This work should take approximately 45 hours. This will be completed in year 11.

How long are the examinations?

There is a mock examination taken at the end of year 10. This does not count towards the final GCSE grade, but helps the students to understand what is needed in the exam. It is 2 hour written paper and includes a design section as well as more formal theory questions.

What equipment should my child have?

Students should always have drawing equipment as well as pens

What texts would you recommend?

AQA Design and Technology – Resistant Materials Technology – Nelson Thornes

What websites would you recommend


How can I support my child’s learning?

Please ensure that your child prepares for lessons, completes homework tasks and brings in necessary resources to enable him/her to complete classwork to the highest possible standard.

For further information, please contact:

Mr J Cook at: jcook@tringschool.org