Redeveloping Tring School

You will hopefully have seen that the school has been successful with our application for funding to redevelop a significant number of our buildings. At the moment we don’t know which of them will be demolished and rebuilt and which will be refurbished. This will become known over the summer after the Government’s surveyors and architects have spent time with us and devised the best solution. We do know which buildings they have agreed need to be redeveloped though:

  • The sports hall
  • The Neville block
  • The Sixth Form Centre
  • The Hobson block
  • The main school building.

It is the last one, the main school building, which creates the most significant debate. The first four buildings are stand alone and will be addressed in their entirety. For the main building we identified the need to redevelop D&T and art, the gym and changing rooms and the Fells block. However, there is a realistic possibility that this could be extended to include the science block and possibly even more. The downside of this is that we feel it would be completely irresponsible for us to proceed with phase 2 of the science refurbishment. This is a real shame for both pupils and staff as phase 1 has been incredibly well received but I’m sure everyone will understand why we have reached this decision.

Please also note that at this point in time the swimming pool is not included in the planned redevelopment. The responsibility for this lies with Dacorum Borough Council and we are actively engaged with them to determine the best way forward.

We do have a “masterplan” for the whole school site that shows a series of constructions, demolitions and refurbishments. The creation of this, in conjunction with an architect, has taken many months and we hope that the Government will use it when creating their final programme of works. What is certain is that it is going to be a huge project over several years and one of the challenges within this is to make sure that the education and outcomes for our students isn’t undermined in any way.

We are enormously excited by our success and believe that it is fantastic news for both the school and the town. I will share developments and the final plans with you as soon as I can.

Rod Gibberd

Business Director