Specialism:Year 12 AQA A-Level Product Design (3-D Design)

This Product Design course provides an opportunity to experience and develop the skills and processes involved in the professional practice of product design.

Who is the course for?

Approaches are centred on consumer goods, where issues surrounding everyday manufactured products are developed and explored. The course investigates the cultural, technical and commercial factors which influence the development of innovative new designs, and it introduces the creative and professional strategies which underpin design.

Course content

During the course you will look at the physical and working properties of a wide range of materials and components so that you can develop an understanding of why they are used in different applications. You will also consider their manufacture, use and disposal. Health and Safety figures highly in the course alongside a range of manufacturing techniques and the relationship between design and manufacture. You can then apply this knowledge to design and manufacture and evaluate a product and communicate your research and evaluation to others.

How is the course assessed?

Your work will be assessed at the end of each Project. You will have regular interim assessments and tutorials aimed at raising and improving your grade. You will have opportunities to improve projects continually throughout the year. The work when finished will be externally assessed by the exam board.

There are four units over the two years, two are externally set exam tasks with the remaining two being student lead coursework based around a design brief of choice.

What could this course lead to?

You’ll develop a wide range of employability skills including problem solving, taking initiative, team working, communication and presentations. It is a practical subject that will show your versatility and dexterity. It is a useful addition to any A level program but is particularly relevant if you are hoping to progress to further studies and eventually a career in product design, product development, engineering, architecture, set and theatre design, furniture or jewellery and much more.

What texts would you recommend?

‘AQA Design & Technology: Product Design (3-D Design)’ by Brian Evans and Will Potts

Published by Nelson Thornes

ISBN: 978-2-7487-8257-4

For further information, please contact:

Mrs H. Knight at hknight@tringschool.org