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Exam Certificates and Award Evenings

Exam certificates for the summer series will firstly be available at the Presentation Evening in November.  Thereafter they can be collected at Reception as a signature is required for collection.

Friends or relatives may collect and sign for certificates on a candidates behalf.  Please phone or email ahead so that the examination team can arrange for the certificates to be in Reception.  Current students can collect their certificates directly from the Examination Office.

Some students have still not collected their certificates for the previous summer exam series.  Please remember that these are vital documents as they are the only proof of exam results.  The certificates are not sent out by post as they must be signed for.

I have a large collection of unclaimed certificates dating back to 2004!

Awards Evenings

As always, if you have any questions about any of these exams, please contact the Examination Office: exam@tringschool.org.