SIR Marking – Strength, Improvement, Response

At Tring School, it is the aim and ambition of all staff to give valuable feedback in order to improve student outcomes, using a common language and format across all subjects, in order to accelerate progress holistically.

What is the role of your son/daughters teachers?

Teachers will:

  • Provide written feedback twice a half term, at all key stages, using the SIR (Strength, Improvement and Response) format. This could include book work, homework and tests.
  • Acknowledge students effort shown in their work they have completed.
  • Identify a strength/s and link this to the Expected Progress and Better than Expected Progress.
  • Highlight an area for improvement in their work and this will often be phrased as a question or an action to allow them to respond.
  • Identify a maximum of 3 misspelt words with ‘Sp’ any punctuation errors with ‘P’ and grammatical errors with ‘Gr’   SIR Marking

What is the students’ role?

Students will:

  • Respond to their teachers’ comments using a green ‘polishing pen’. This will ensure that they have understood and acted on the targets and demonstrated they have made the improvements.
  • Share their SIR marking targets for improvement with their parents/carers so they can support.

What is the parents’ role?

As parents you can support your son/daughter by reading through the individual comments made by their teachers and this will inform both you and your child areas of strength as well as areas of development. Staff will be asking students for specific pieces of work at least once half a term for parents to sign and date the feedback given. This will provide you with opportunities with individual class teachers for further dialogue if required.