Pupil Care

Pupils’ Well Being


First aid

The trained first aiders are in school to assess which steps should be taken should an accident occur or when a pupil is unwell. First aid treatment may be given for cuts, abrasions and suspected broken limbs. If necessary, doctors or hospitals will be contacted and where possible, parents telephoned, though it may be necessary to carry out emergency measures before this is possible.

If we have full written parental/carer consent in place, we will give students Paracetamol for minor conditions such as headaches.  Please fill in this consent form and return if you would like the school to give your child pain relief on your behalf. By giving your consent on this form, you are giving your permission for the school to act on your behalf in administering pain relief and accept that we will do so without contacting you first.

Child Protection law

The school has a legal responsibility under the Child Protection Law to contact Social Services or the Police if staff consider a pupil is in danger through abuse or neglect. It may be that under these circumstances parents would not be contacted in advance.


The school has a Counsellor who works Monday to Thursday and three Volunteer Counsellors who come into school one morning each week. Students meet their Counsellor once a week following a mutual agreement between parents, students and the school. There is also a facility for pupils to refer themselves to the Counsellor, in which case parents would not necessarily be informed. There is often a waiting list for this service. The Counsellor is qualified  and accredited with the BACAP and has been a member of Tring School for a number of years.

Special Educational Needs

Pupils with Special Educational Needs are also well catered for at Tring School. The staff from the Learning Support Centre attend selected lessons to help those pupils with learning difficulties and also co-ordinate the writing of Individual Education Plans.


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