Academically Most Able (AMA)

General Rationale

At Tring School we recognise that there are students of exceptional abilities in one or more areas. It is important that the needs of the academically most able and gifted and talented students should be recognised and strategies for the identification, tracking and monitoring be developed. There should be provision for students requiring challenge, enrichment and support in order for them to achieve their full potential and raise their aspirations and achievement by developing a range of skills and aptitude in many areas.

What does it mean to be identified as AMA at Tring School?

  1. Students are clearly identified to all teaching staff and they have stretch and challenge activities built into learning activities.
  2. At each tracker point one to one meetings with their tutors to discuss progress and identify next steps.
  3. Students are guided by specialist teachers on out of school activities and tasks to supplement their learning.
  4. Additional activities are arranged within departments to target AMA and G&T students learning and development.


 Academically Most Able (AMA)

At KS3 and KS4 AMA students are identified as those who are in a high attainment category and the top 10% of the year group. In KS3 and KS4 the groups have historically been based on KS2 data and students’ attainment in comparison with national statistics.  From September 2015 the selection criteria will be based on their CAT scores. At KS5 the students are identified as those with an APS of 50 and above and who are predicted three or more A grades.

Gifted & Talented (G&T)

This is the identification of high ability in a particular subject area for example PE and Art. Students who are Gifted & Talented will not always appear on the AMA register. It is likely that they have a particular flair for one or maybe two subjects. Students on this list are identified by subject teachers and they are monitored by the G&T subject representative.


If your son/daughter is identified as a student in the top 10% of their cohort it is our role to oversee their learning opportunities; helping to ensure there is enough stretch and challenge to allow them to reach their potential.  We are very keen to establish AMA provision that is robust and effective, so that students understand that being an AMA student is integral to their targets and know that there is support in school for them.   The school’s overriding aim is to help meet the needs of AMA students in every classroom, in every lesson.   We will have 1:1 meetings that take place after Progress Trackers and Reports with the student’s form tutor, and in these their progress will be reviewed.  The conversation will be recorded at school and we will be able to view these and follow up on any action points.


Mrs Heather Golla, AMA Co-ordinator and Director of Learning (

Mrs Rebecca Foxcroft, AMA Administrator (