mental health

New Course Delivers Mental Health Training

A new innovative training programme exploring mental health in young people is being delivered in Tring School to a group of year 9 & 12 students. The Emotional Wellbeing unit is part of the Youth Health Champions training led by Hertfordshire County Council’s Youth Connexions.

Robert and Belinda Stringer, of Tring, tragically lost their son, Hector, when he took his own life at the young age of 18. The Stringer family have been working closely with Youth Connexions Hertfordshire to create a session based on Hector and how best to support friends who may be self-harming or feeling suicidal.

Andrew Dobberson, Assistant Headteacher commented: “At Tring School emotional wellbeing and mental health play a   crucial role in our support services, mentoring, counselling and Life Skills programmes. Therefore, when the RSPH: Youth Health Champions course became available, especially with its connections to our former student Hector, we were really keen to be involved. The Level 2 qualification will directly benefit those students following the course but will also raise awareness and provide a further support service for every student in the school.”

Students on the course commented on their involvement:

‘Too many people that I know are suffering alone. I want to spread the word that it’s okay to get help or advice’. Tylar Year 9

‘I wanted to do this course because I know so many people who struggle with their mental health and I also know a lot of people who self-harm. I feel like they feel they don’t have any one that understands and I think this should be addressed and people should be made aware of the help available’. Sasha Year 12

‘I have an interest in this subject and it’s not something you get to do in your lessons. I also want to learn and have a better understanding of people’s emotional well-being’. Jess Year 9