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Mo-Tring – Tring School Car Racing

On Sunday 20 September, an enthusiastic team of 15 drivers, along with a determined pit crew went to Dunsfold Park, known to many as the Top Gear race track. After an early start at 5am, we registered our racing car, Mo-Tring a few hours later. After various checks by the Greenpower officials, we were ready at last to race…….. Both teams were given a race briefing and were then allowed a practice lap so that all drivers would officially be allowed to race. Race 1 11:45 Mo-Tring were placed on the back row as we were a new entry to the competition.Racing 6

Our first driver, Harry Pearce, used his skill and judgement and started to move Mo-Tring smoothly through the pack, into 7 th place. After a gruelling 90 minutes, an electrical power failure forced us to retire just before the end of the race. This was not going to deter us. After refuelling for lunch, team 2 were again on the back row of the starting grid. As we progressed steadily through the field, another electrical power failure, meant that yet again, were we forced to retire with only 10 minutes remaining of the 90 minute race. Despite the retirement of Mo-Tring, both teams had a great day and gained a vast amount of experience on race day procedures and had the opportunity of talking to other more experienced teams, their senior engineering colleges and got lots of inspiration for the design and construction of the new Mo-Tring race car in the future.

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