Masai Warrior Dancers visit Tring School

Nine Masai Warrior dancers made a surprise visit to Tring School this week. The dancers are from tribes in Kenya & Tanzania and are in the UK on a 10 week tour visiting schools and community events to raise money to take back to their homes to fund schooling for the children and make improvements to their villages including wells for fresh water. The warriors have all left behind their own families to come to the UK, with only half of them speaking English.
The students were treated to several dances by the warriors, who were all in full traditional dress, including a dance they would do before they go hunting for lions & also demonstrated their ability to mimic various animal noise. A number of pupils were encouraged by the warriors to join in with the iconic Masai jumping dance.
 Assistant Head Andrew Dobberson said ” we are incredibly lucky to have had the Masai visiting our school. The students were all intrigued by them and their culture which is so different to our own. One parent said her son  ” was absolutely fascinated and we had a lengthy discussion over dinner. What an amazing opportunity, thank you so much!”. We were very glad it was a beautiful sunny day as the warriors had said that they love the English people but not the cold weather”