Headteacher’s Message

Dear Parents/Carers,

At last some spring sunshine has arrived!  This also means that external exams are taking place.  Drama, PE and Art have had their practical’s already and then the bulk of the exams commence just before ½ term as well in the first few weeks of June.  As  always we wish our students well with their preparations and the actual exams themselves. We also know this is an anxious time for you as parents and carers and I’m sure you are doing all you can to assist your child through the next few weeks.  As a Mum with a child doing external exams as well, I find myself making endless cups of tea, keeping the fridge full, along with reassuring chats and revision sessions to help keep things running along smoothly !  I’m sure you’re very familiar with what I’m sharing.

Thank you to everyone who has attended our 1:1 Chromebook sessions or written to us for further clarification.  Your questions and thoughts have been added to our FAQ’s and this information is available on our website under the following link We will continue to add updates as we roll out the programme.

Just recently our Head Student team: Alex Wilson, Carys Reid-Davies, Jonty Wager-Leigh and Victoria Bennett-Salvador, handed over the mantle of responsibility to the new team; Laurie Garner, Emma Van Rhee, Matthew Wake and Jess Burckhardt. To celebrate the achievers in our 6th form we mark the event with their names being entered onto the reception wall in The Desborough Hall.  Inside this newsletter you will see more information about the individual  successes.

When this half term ends we celebrate our Year 13s with our annual champagne reception. This is always a magnificent event and we will all look forward to seeing our Year 13s looking wonderful and ready for a lovely evening together.

Meanwhile, I want to take this opportunity to wish every student who is taking external exams the very best of luck and that if there is any issues with their revision then please come and talk to any adult and we will endeavour to get this sorted as soon as possible. 

Sue Collings