Specialism:Year 8 Food Technology

This course is part of a carousel which lasts for 6 weeks with two hour-long lessons per week.

What will my child be studying?

To carry out some independent research and product analysis
To work as a team simulating batch production and independently
To carry out sensory analysis techniques
To plan, cook and evaluate a range of dishes for a healthy diet
To evaluate practical dishes with family and friends

What will be made?

Flapjack, Cheese and potato pie, Risotto, Carrot/Banana cake, Pasta with cheese and tomato sauces

How is the course Assessed?

The Course will be assessed using the National Curriculum specification to give a level and sub level. Tasks are set that will ensure stretch and challenge for the most able students but that are also suited for those with less aptitude or experience in D&T

Is there an examination?

There is an exam taken at the end of the year. This will enable students to demonstrate through writing and drawing, their knowledge and understanding of D&T.
What equipment should my child have?
All students should have pencils and coloured pencils for design work (we do not endorse the use of felt tip pens) as well as pens for their written work. Students will be expected to provide ingredients for practical cookery sessions on a regular basis

How can I support my child’s learning?

Please ensure that homework tasks are completed as they will often be essential for the following lesson; including preparation of ingredients prior to practical lessons.

For further information, please contact:

Mrs S Saunders at ssaunders@tringschool.org