DDein talk

David Dein Talk Monday 14 November, Student Report

Earlier this week, Tring School welcomed David Dein, John Motson and Dan Jones to come and speak to me and over 100 other fortunate students. During the presentation, David discussed his personal role in forming the Premier League which I took a particular interest in as I am a huge football fan. David is a highly versed guest speaker and was therefore able to translate key learning experiences in football and relate them to many other aspects, in particular many links were made to how we apply such lessons to our school work and hobbies. Therefore, this talk was particularly appealing to me; whilst also being gripping for those who weren’t as keen on football. This is because David gave us an insight into the life of a top flight football manager and the ways in which they can motivate the millionaire footballers they manage; closely linking to motivational factors and non-monetary benefits explored in Business Studies.

Throughout the talk, David enlightened us with several crucial qualities that are required in the business world that would help each of us in the quest to be the best we could in our chosen field. Among these skills were hard work, vision and courage, which David informed us were essential when aspiring to be successful. Personally, I thought this was inspiring to hear from someone who has achieved so much for football and been so successful. In addition to this, David added that teamwork is a vital factor in a business and it is pivotal to take pride in your work.

Furthermore, we were also told about the qualities required to be a successful sportsman. The most important qualities were behaviour and attitude which are skills which are essential in all walks of life. It was hard-hitting to hear some stories from David of people whose dreams of becoming a professional footballer were squandered as a result of them lacking the right attitude.

At the end of the presentation, we were given the opportunity to ask questions of Dan, John and David. Hearing John Motson’s voice in real life was a great experience and was just as I’d remembered it from the countless hours of watching Match of the Day!

On the whole, it was a humorous, informative and engaging presentation and I will take a lot away from it; as I’m sure will all the students who attended. We were very fortunate to have this opportunity to listen to such influential figures in the Premier League setup and successful businessmen in their own right, so a big thank you to Mrs Golla and Mrs Foxcroft for making this possible!

Written by, William Darraugh Year 12 student