Dancing Their Way to Success

Since September we have run a lunch time dance club for students of all year groups. Just after Christmas we then had the opportunity to enter the Dacorum Dance Competition! With a keen group of girls full of enthusiasm we decided to put an   entry together.

The theme of the competition was ‘Sports’ and we decided on a Basketball themed entry, depicting two teams going into battle against each other, along with the support of their cheerleading teams. Rehearsals took place during lunchtimes and we worked hard to put together a routine using different genres of music and dance.

The girls helped with Choreography and worked hard to perfect our routine. Many the girls took leadership roles whilst working on the dance and had choreographic input in the piece along with helping each other to learn the routine.

As the competition grew closer so did our nerves, we had timings issues to perfect and odd spots of choreography to fill, not to mention  costuming, hair and makeup.The team pulled together lending each other dance shoes, sharing ideas and purchasing costumes, so by   Friday 18 March we arrived at Hemel Sportspace all ready to go.

The competition saw entries from JFK, Kings Langley, Longdean, Cavendish and Tring, with some schools having multiple entries. We entered our group piece named ‘The Battle’ and a Duet performed by Lola Pates and Lauren Burnell.

Nerves were running high as we entered the main hall and took our places ready for the competition to begin, we were the sixth dance to perform. The dancers really did themselves and the school proud with an absolutely   stunning performance, all in time and with smiles on their faces. And we were thrilled as the results were announced and we found out that with our group entry we had won the competition. We are very proud of the performers and that all their hard work paid off. Congratulations to all of the amazing dancers!

Special thanks must go to:

Chloe Randal’s dad for mixing our music

Lola Pates and her mum for purchasing the tops

Miss Bullock for supporting us at the event