Philosophy and Religious Studies

Our aim is to develop enquiring minds and confidence in reasoning and understanding.

What will your child learn in our subject?

  • At KS3 we look at religious and philosophical topics with Christianity as our main focus. We do also look at the world religions of Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism.
  • At KS4 we focus on ethical issues particularly focusing on Christian and Muslim approaches to these.
  • At KS5 we offer Religious studies in the form of Philosophy and ethics studying large areas of Philosophical and ethical thought.

Extra-Curricular Activities and Trips:

  • At KS3 there is the opportunity to visit our local church in connection to our ‘What is Worship’ unit.
  • At KS4 we visit London central Mosque to learn about belief and practices to support the Islamic element of the GCSE
  • We also offer a trip to our GCSE option students to London to take part in a conference looking at the importance of PRS for their futures. They also get the opportunity to meet students from other schools and discuss their ideas.
  • At KS5 we have a number of trips to Philosophy and ethics conferences. These support the learning of our students as well as being a good introduction to what university lectures and seminars may be like. The students also have the opportunity to meet students from other schools to discuss their ideas.

What is special about us?

In Philosophy and Religious studies we explore and discuss beliefs, our own personal journeys and the big ideas about the world. Our students have the opportunity to discuss and value different opinions and views in a safe and respectful environment.