Physical Education

Physical education helps students to develop the skills, knowledge, and competencies to live healthy and physically active lives at school and for the rest of their life. The Physical Education department at Tring School are fully committed to the all-round development of each student and the curriculum we offer reflects this passion.

We encourage the positive values of determination and resilience throughout all our key stages and students within our department feel safe and confident to participate and perform. Our curriculum provides students with the opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities and experience different teaching methods in order to develop physically, mentally and emotionally. Health related fitness plays a big part in our curriculum at all key stages and we aim to encourage and support all students to improve and maintain their fitness levels. Students are encouraged to work individually and as part of a team which helps build trust, problem solving and communication skills. Competition is a huge part of the sporting environment and life in general and whilst we encourage competition and the competitive spirit we also promote the ideals of fair play and sportsmanship. We feel that this provides a positive and enjoyable learning environment for all our students. Through our curriculum we hope students build the confidence and interest to get involved in exercise, sports and activities out of school and later in life.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum

Students receive four one hour lessons per fortnight (two indoor lessons and two outdoor lessons). Throughout the year students will experience a wide range of activities that will be taught in activity blocks. These activities include, swimming, dance, gymnastics, badminton, basketball, football, rugby, netball, hockey, health related fitness, rounders, athletics, cricket and tennis. All students are encouraged to perform, lead, coach and umpire in the range of activities and all these areas are continually assessed, tracked and monitored to ensure progress is being made. Students are mainly taught in single sex and ability groups during this key stage.

How can I help my child through KS3 Physical Education?

Encourage participation in lessons and extra curricular activities. Ensure their kit is clean and ready for the lesson and is fully named/labelled.
Encourage minimal valuables are brought into school on PE days. If they do have valuables it remains their responsibility. Lockers are provided in the changing rooms for £1 (returnable).

What equipment will my child need in PE?

PE kit which is listed below.

What will my child be studying in years 7, 8 and 9?

Students follow a wide range of activities throughout KS3. Activities are normally split into termly blocks. Students have 4 lessons a fortnight, 2 indoor and 2 outdoor.

How will my child be assessed?

Students are assessed throughout each activity and more formally given an attainment level at the end of each activity block which they record in their planner. An average level out of these activities is given on the Achievement Tracker.

Subject Leader: Miss L Bullock

Key stage 4 Curriculum

All Students receive four one hour lessons per fortnight. During this key stage we aim to offer students more opportunities to increase their experiences and discover activities that they enjoy and are likely to continue with after leaving school. An option system is offered to students in KS4. Students have the opportunity to take part in on school site activities (normal range of activities we offer according to our facilities) and off school site activities. The off school site activities include skiing, squash, climbing, bowling, weight training and fitness classes (all local providers). We also offer students the opportunity to complete the Sports Leaders Award.

What will your child learn in PE?

Students will learn:

  • New skills through participating in a broad range of activities.
  • How to lead activities and take on the role of an official
  • The muscles that are used in physical activity and basic information about the energy systems.
  • Different tactics and strategies that can improve play and performances.
  • How to work as part of a team
  • How to work safely in the PE environment
  • Sportsmanship and fair play
  • Resilience and determination
  • How to lead a healthy and active lifestyle
Exam Board: AQA
Tiered Exam: Full Award (equivalent to 1 GCSE) or Double Award (equivalent to 2 GCSE’s)

How is the course assessed?

60% coursework and 40% written examination. Students are assessed in a range of sorts in a number of different roles and are required to have 4 practical assessments for the Full Award and 8 practical assessments for the Double award.

How long are the examinations?

1hour and 30minutes

Are there controlled assessments?

Yes. In practical lessons throughout the 2 years

What is covered on the course?

Living an healthy lifestyle; exercise physiology; fitness and training; participation in sport; contemporary issues in sport e.g. drugs

What texts would you recommend?

Lonsdale GCSE PE revision guide

What websites would you recommend?

BBC Sport; BBC Bitesize;

What equipment should my child have?

PE kit (with black polo shirt)

Subject Leader: Miss L Bullock

PE Kit

KS3 Girls KS3 Boys KS4 Girls and Boys (years 10 and 11)
Long blue socks (Tring logo)
Black shorts (Tring logo)
Blue polo Shirt (Tring logo)
Sports trainers
White sports socks
Gum shield (hockey)
Shin pads (hockey)
Swimming costume (one piece)Optional items
Black tracksuit bottoms (Tring logo)
Black sports leggings
Netball skort
Sport splash top
Hooded top
Base layer
Long blue socks (Tring logo)
Black shorts (Tring logo)
Blue polo Shirt (Tring logo)
Blue/white rugby shirt (Tring logo)
Sports trainers
Football / rugby boots
White sports socks
Gum shield (rugby/hockey)
Shin pads (football / hockey)
Swimming shortsOptional items
Black tracksuit bottoms (Tring logo)
Sport splash top
Hooded top
Base layer
Long blue socks (Tring logo)
Black shorts (Tring logo) or Black tracksuit bottoms (Tring logo) or Black sports leggings (Girls)
Blue polo shirt (Tring logo)
Black hoodie (Tring logo)
Sports trainers
White sports socks
Black polo shirt (Tring logo) for GCSE and BTEC students only

Examinations in PE at Tring School

KEY STAGE 4 Qualifications

AQA GCSE Physical Education

Course structure

The course is divided into 2 sections

Theory content is assessed through a 1 hour 30 minute examination paper. 40%

The question paper will be made of different types of questions including multiple choice, short and long answer. There will also be a pre released question that is issued to centres before the exam. Some of the topics that will be covered will healthy living, diet, principles of training, competition and anatomy.

Practical assessment – 60%. Four practical performances will be assessed in the role of player/performer, official/choreographer or leader/coach. These assessment are internally graded and externally moderated.

All practical work is assessed for key processes A and B, and key process C is assessed for one activity

  • Key process A = Developing skills in Physical activity
  • Key process B = Being Creative and making decisions
  • Key process C = Evaluating and improving

Please refer to the AQA website for more information

Edexcel BTEC Level 2 First Award in sport:

BTEC firsts are vocationally related qualifications, where learners develop knowledge and understanding by applying their skills in a work related context. They require students to take responsibility for their own learning which are essential and desirable for the workplace.

  • 25% of this course is externally assessed. 75% is internally assessed and externally moderated.
  • Consists of two core units.

Year 10 = Unit 1 – Fitness for sports and exercise (an externally assessed inline examination). Unit 2 – Practical sports performance

  • Year 11 = 2 Optional units out of Unit 3 – The mind and sports performance, Unit 4 – The sporting performer in action, Unit 5 – Training for personal fitness, Unit 6 – Leading sports activities.
  • Grading criteria is Pass, Merit or Distinction.

To fulfil this course you will be required to complete assignments which will be marked against the course criteria. You will be awarded a pass, merit or distinction for your each piece of work.

Please refer to the Edexcel website for more information

Key Stage 5 qualifications in the Sixth Form

AS and A’ level Physical Education

Year 12 AS outline

PHED 1 – Opportunities for and the effects of leading a healthy and active lifestyle. 84 marks, worth 60% of the AS grade and 30% of the A level grade.

This theory content is assessed by a two hour exam over 4 distinct sections. Applied exercise Physiology, Skill acquisition and opportunities for participation. The four section examines the application of theoretical knowledge to a practical situation

PHED 2 – Analysis and evaluation of physical activity and in/or adopted roles (coach/umpire/performer). 100 marks, worth 40% of AS grade and 20% of the A level grade. This is an internal assessment with external moderation.

Year 13 A’ level Outline

PHED 3 – Optimising performance and evaluating contemporary issues within sport. 84 marks, 30% of the A Level.

This theory content is assessed by a two hour written exam over 3 distinct sections. How exercise physiology can optimise performance, how the application of psychological knowledge can optimise performance and contemporary influences in sport and their impact on the performer.

PHED 4 – Optimising practical performance in a competitive situation. 120 marks, worth 20% of the A Level. Students perform, analyse and evaluate their own performance, identify areas of performance they could improve on and suggest causes and appropriate measures to improve.This is an internal assessment with external moderation. This section includes a practical grade for one activity and a piece of written coursework which covers the analysis and evaluation of your own performance in that activity.

Please refer to the AQA website for information

For more details of the Physical Education course, please click on the link below:

UCAS – Physical Education

BTEC Level 3 Sport Certificate and/or Subsidiary Diploma.

Year 12 students complete the four compulsory units which make up the BTEC Level 3 Certificate qualification in Sport.

  • The principles of Anatomy and Physiology
  • The physiology of Fitness
  • Assessing risk in sport
  • Fitness testing for sport and exercise

Year 13 students complete 3 additional units which make up the BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma qualification in sport.

  • Nutrition for sport
  • Psychology for sport
  • Practical sport
  • 100% of this course is internally assessed and externally moderated.
  • Consists of four core units and three optional units.
  • Grading = Pass, Merit or distinction.

To fulfil this course students will be required to complete assignments which will be marked against the course criteria. You will be awarded a pass, merit or distinction for your each piece of work. During this course students will learn important employability skills such as being able to identify areas for improvement, working individually and in groups and being able to manage their own time and resources effectively.

Please refer to the Edexcel website for more information

For more details of the Sport Btec course, please click on the link below:

UCAS – Sport Btec

Outside of the curriculum

We provide a number of opportunities for students wishing to take part in sport outside of the curriculum. We have an excellent sporting reputation both locally and nationally through our extensive extra-curricular programme which focusses on recreational participation as well as competitive performances. We regularly play in national, county and district competitions as well as friendly fixtures and we have strong links with local sports clubs.

House sporting events

Tring School also has a very strong and competitive house system which our house games and swimming galas and annual sports day are integral parts. These events give all students the opportunity to rake part in sporting activities for their house.


The PE department offer other opportunities for recreational and sporting activities. We organise the bi-annual ski trip for years 10 and above and enrichment activities which has seen us take students from year 7 and 8 to Willen Lake in Milton Keynes for a whole day of outdoor and adventurous activities (including water sports).


Tring School boasts excellent sporting facilities which allows us to offer a broad range of activities. These include a gymnasium, a 5 Badminton court sports hall, a 25m swimming pool, an all weather artificial pitch, 3 newly resurfaced netball / tennis courts and extensive grassed playing fields.

PE Extra-Curricular Activities – Summer Term 2017

AthleticsAll YearsWednesdayLunchtimePlaying FieldsAll Staff
AthleticsAll YearsMondayAfter SchoolPlaying FieldsAll Staff
Cardio TennisAll Years BoysThursdayLunchtimeCourtsJA
Cardio TennisGirlsTuesdayLunchtimeCourtsCN/HG
CricketYr 7 & 8ThursdayAfter SchoolTPCCJA/AB
CricketYr 7 & 8 BoysTuesdayLunchtimeAstroJA/AB
CricketAll Years GirlsWednesdayLunchtimeAstroCH
CricketYr 9 & 10 BoysThursdayLunchtimeAstroCC/JDM
CricketYr 9 & 10TuesdayAfter SchoolTPCCCC/JDM
CrossfitYr 10 - 13Friday7.15 - 8.00 amTRFUJA
Pitch ConditioningYr 10 - 13Monday & FridayLunchtimePlaying FieldsJDM
RoundersYr 9 & 10 GirlsThursdayAfter SchoolAshlyns FixturesLHB
RoundersYr 9 & 10 GirlsThursdayLunchtimePlaying FieldsCNN/GC
RoundersYr 7 & 8 GirlsTuesdayAfter SchoolKings Langley FixturesLHB
RoundersYr 7 & 8 GirlsTuesdayLunchtimePlaying FieldsLHB
Senior ConditioningYr 10 - 13Tuesday - ThursdayAfter School
3.30 - 5.00 pm
Senior ConditioningYr 10 - 13Tuesday - Friday7.15 - 8.00 amTRFUJDM
SoftballAll YearsThursdayLunchtimePlaying FieldsLHB
TennisYr 9 & 10 BoysWednesdayLunchtimeCourtsAB
TennisAll Years GirlsFridayLunchtimeAstro/CourtsLHB/CN
TennisYr 7 & 8 BoysMondayLunchtimeCourtsDSR
Tennis Squad TrainingAll YearsFridayAfter SchoolTTCJDM
Touch RugbyAll YearsFridayLunchtimePlaying FieldsKF
VolleyballAll YearsFridayLunchtimePlaying FieldsJDM