Music is a major strength of Tring School and the standard of music both in curriculum time and in our flourishing extra-curricular programme is a great source of pride. Music plays a central part in the life of the school and every pupil is encouraged to take part. At all Key Stages, we aspire for our pupils to become creative, self-confident individuals, with a passion for Music of all genres.

What is special about us?

Tring School Music Department is warm and vibrant and aims to create a learning environment that is enjoyable, inspirational and engaging. We pride ourself on our student leadership in Music and many extra curricular groups are assisted by Sixth Former students with a passion for encouraging younger students to access music at all levels. As a department, we aspire to deliver a curriculum that not only fosters all our students’ musical and intellectual curiosity, but also provides every child with the opportunity to become an active member of a musical world.

Year 7, 8 & 9 – Key Stage 3

All students study a broad range of styles which incorporates composing, performing, listening and appraising skills. They take part in both group and paired activities and are assessed on their practical projects.

In Year 7, students are introduced to the basic elements of music. Pupils discover different ways of using their voice and find out about extended vocal techniques and how these can be represented using a graphic score. Projects also involve exploring the instruments of the orchestral, programme music and rhythm raps, focusing on notation.

In Year 8, pupils create their own rhythmic junk orchestra and then apply their knowledge of rhythmic to world music, including African and samba drumming. Pupils look at music in the media and use ICT to create their own topical raps and a radio show.

In Year 9, we adopt an ‘independent learning’ approach, using Musical Futures as our model. Pupils look at writing their own pieces of popular music, as well as learning about the culture of Blues music, Rock’n’Roll and music in film.

Year 10 & 11 – GCSE Music

At GCSE we approach music with a strong emphasis on performing, both solo and ensemble, listening and composing. Pupils get the opportunity to work alone, in a class setting and in small groups. Pupils study 12 set works in the four different areas of music listed below and will answer questions on these as part of their listening exam, which is worth 40% of the GCSE. Pupils perform at regular intervals throughout the 2 year course on their chosen instrument, in preparation for a final solo and ensemble performance which contributes to 30% of the final grade. Pupils also submit two unique compositions, making up the final 30% of the GCSE.

Years 12 & 13 – A level Music

A level Music (Edexcel syllabus) provides plenty of opportunity for pupils to perform, compose and learn about musical analysis and harmony, whilst also building up their aural skills.

In Year 12, coursework (60%) is comprised of a five-six minute performance and a composition to a set brief together with CD sleeve note. An examination (40%) includes identification and comparison of musical features from set works as well as analysis of harmonic features of unfamiliar music.

In Year 13, coursework (60%) is comprised of an extended 12-15 minute performance, a composition to a set brief, and a technical study (Bach Chorale). An examination (40%) includes aural identification of features of unfamiliar works, as well as identification and analysis of musical features of set works.

Celebrating Success: academic and instrumental lessons.

We pride ourselves on our Music results and in 2014 our AS students gained 3 A grades and 2015 saw 100% A-B pass rate at A2.  Over the last two years, our GCSE pupils have achieved 100% A*-C, a particular highlight seeing our 2015 cohort score an average grade of an A. Many of our students choose to study Music at University and many of our past pupils still enjoy performing and teaching. Instrumental lessons take place every day in the department and are taught by a specialist team from Hertfordshire Music Service. These are offered on a rotation basis and we encourage pupils to perform in recital concerts and we are always celebrating exam successes for pupils taking both Trinity and ABRSM exams.

Extra-Curricular Music

The department provides numerous opportunities for students to participate in many different types of performances within school, in the local community and on tour.  A range of groups is on offer and students are actively encouraged to participate in these groups.  There are currently four choirs; senior and junior, as well as a girls’ choir and male voice choir.  We offer two wind bands, a swing band and junior and senior rock bands, as well as numerous smaller ensembles such as flute group, string group, brass group and percussion group.  All these ensembles regularly perform at school concerts as well as numerous events across Tring and collaborative projects across Hertfordshire Schools.  There have also been several successful European concert tours in recent years.  Please visit our Music Message Board for information & celebrations.

Junior Rock BandAll welcomeFridayLunchtimeB21TF
Wind BandAll welcome Grade 1-4MondayLunchtimeB22EHS
Male VoiceYear 10, 11, 12 & 13WednesdayLunchtimeB20ADN
Coursework Catch UpYear 10, 11, 12 & 13TuesdayLunchtimeB23ESH
Girls ChoirAll welcomeTuesdayLunchtimeB23AME
Ukelele GroupAll welcomeMondayLunchtimeB16JSR
Concert BandGrade 5+ThursdayAfter SchoolB23ADN
Guitar GroupAll welcomeTuesdayLunchtimeB22R Wilman
Junior ChoirYear 7, 8 & 9WednesdayLunchtimeB22ESH
Saxophone EnsembleGrade 6+WednesdayLunchtimeB19E Jones
Percussion GroupAll welcomeMondayLunchtimeB23K Banks
Senior ChoirYear 10 and aboveTuesdayAfter SchoolB23ADN
Chamber ChoirSenior (audition only)ThursdayLunchtimeB22ESH
Acoustic BandSenior (audition only)ThursdayLunchtimeB21Student led
Flute GroupAll welcomeThursdayLunchtimeB16J Eccles
Rock SchoolAll welcomeThursdayAfter SchoolB22A Buckell
String GroupAll welcomeThursdayLunchtimeB22A Lovatt
Rock BandMr Fox's GroupThursdayLunchtimeB21TF
Intermediate JazzGrade 4+ThursdayLunchtimeB23ESH
Swing BandSenior (audition)FridayAfter SchoolB23E Jones