Business Studies

In business studies students explore what it means to be an entrepreneur, setting up and managing a successful business venture. Students will also learn more about the complex business environment in which businesses operate and the tools at their disposal to help promote success at different parts of the business cycle.

Students work with marketing, financial and economic concepts, learning to appreciate the complexity of successful business management and monitoring.


What will your child learn in our subject?

At key stage 4 students learn the basic concepts for setting up a business, including market research and developing a business idea. This is further developed when looking at how to manage a successful business, including product/service management, key recruitment and selection issues as well as financial management. At key stage 4 students will have a basic understanding of businesses within the wider environment including government intervention, the economy and competition.

Celebrating Success

In 2014 we had our best set of results to date with 81% of all GCSE students achieving an A*-C grade

Extra-Curricular Activities and Trips:

To support students learning inside the classroom we are developing a range of visits to external businesses that students can refer to in their exams, homework and to develop a deeper understanding of business concepts. Students will be working on a Citrus Saturday lemonade project, as well as visiting Cadbury World in Bournville and The Harry Potter Studio experience, for real-life marketing workshops.



What will your child learn in our subject?

Students can either start or continue their business education with a traditional AS/A2 in Business studies, or complete a vocational course on the Edexcel L3 BTEC in Business.


Students develop their understanding of businesses and look in more depth at motivation of staff, productivity, operations, finance and marketing. Students are expected at this level to be able to critique business theory and concepts, as well as apply their knowledge to make business decisions and evaluate business decisions. On these courses it is expected that students are able to judge business success and recommend their own strategies to achieve the aims and the objectives of given business by examples.

This course is 100% assessed through examination


This vocational qualification is built around a student portfolio of evidence demonstrating their understanding of business topics and their business skills. This work is predominantly made up of written assignments but also includes witness statements, role plays and recorded evidence of tasks and activities.

With no formal examinations, and work based assignment projects the Edexcel Level 3 BTEC allows students to work within areas that they have an interest, as they can focus on exploring their own interests within the guidelines of the assignment briefs.

Students explore a wide range of business concepts, which run parallel to the conventional A level course of study, which includes study of the business environment both at home and abroad, business objectives, financial, physical and human resources as well as marketing and branding in the first year.

Celebrating Success

The A2 Business qualification is improving year on year, 2014 has given us our most successful results and we are continuing to work on this and improve outcomes for students. 2014 saw 100% of all students achieving A-E grades, and 53% students achieved fantastic A*-B grades.


BTEC Level 3 is new this year, but we are expecting excellent results on this course for all students.

Extra-Curricular Activities and Trips:

To support students on this course we are keen to develop a deeper understanding of the business environment and the way that businesses work. BTEC students are supplementing their classroom learning with the Dragon’s Apprentice Challenge, working with businesses and charities in the Tring area on enterprise projects. Students are also supported by visits to the Bank of England Museum, Harry Potter Studio Tours and visits from various guest speakers from local businesses.