Specialism:Year 11 Catering

What will my child be studying?

This course in Catering offers a unique opportunity in the curriculum for students to develop their knowledge and extend their skills within Catering in a vocational context. It will provide opportunities for students’ to be imaginative, innovative, creative and independent.
• The industry – food and drink.
• Job roles, employment opportunities and relevant training.
• Health, safety and hygiene.
• Food preparation, cooking and presentation.
• Nutrition and menu planning.
• Costing and portion control.
• Specialist equipment.
• Communication and record keeping.
• Environmental considerations

How is the course assessed?

Title Unit
No. of Hours
Catering skills related to food preparation and service160%Controlled assessment45 hrs (some in yr 10 and yr 11)
Catering, food and the customer 240%Written paper1¼ hrs

Are there Controlled Assessments?

Two practical exams in year 10 and 11 with the written paperwork to go with them. Themes are set by the exam board but students have 2 hours to cook four dishes under exam conditions.

How long are the examinations?

1¼ hours at the end of year 11

What equipment should my child have?

Students will be expected to provide ingredients for practical cookery sessions on a regular basis. A wide range of skills, processes, ingredients and components will be used during the course. Ingredients for group work such as practical testing will be provided from school.

What texts would you recommend?

WJEC Hospitality and Catering for GCSE by Judy Gardiner and Jacqui Housley
WJEC GCSE Hospitality and Catering: Student Book by Lesley Woods and Scott Reynard
GCSE Catering WJEC Study & Exam Practice CGP book
WJEC GCSE Hospitality & Catering: My Revision Notes (Revision Guide) by Judi Gardiner

How can I support my child’s learning?

Ensure homework is complete, including preparation of ingredients prior to practical lessons
Allow them to cook and prepare food and home
Watching food related programmes on television

For further information, please contact:

Mrs S Saunders at: ssaunders@tringschool.org