Chat Health – School Nurse Confidential Messaging and Drop in Service

Dear All,

Chat Health is a new initiative that has been launched by school nurses to give students another way to access health advice. Please can you talk to your tutees about this service. This slide will be on the rolling powerpoint on Tuesday 13 Oct 2015. Please hand out the stickers attached. Ensure students stick the stickers into their planners.

Chat Health is a Messaging Service run by the school nurses which gives students access to confidential health advice via text message.

Text messages will be charged at the mobile phone providers normal rates, there are no additional charges. The service is safe and secure.

The service is anonymous and confidential unless there is a safeguarding issue.

They will still be able to see their school nurse face to face if required and there will be a drop in clinic once a month. The next School nurse drop in service – 3rd November 2015 1pm-2.30pm, details will be shared on the rolling PP.