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Christmas Truce

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It was a very early start in the morning for a group of Yr 9 students as they set off to Ypres, Belgium to visit the sight of the famous WW1 Christmas Truce. Once there they visited the newly renovated Passchendaele museum where they saw displays of memorabilia and walked through a recreated trench to be greeted by an Information Recruiting Sergeant in authentic WW1 uniform who fed them Tommy rations of stew & sausages and explained about the rifles that were used and what kit each soldier would have been expected to carry.

The next stop for the students was Bayernwald where they watched a re-enactment of the Truce in 1914 when German and English troops laid down their weapons and ventured into no man’s land on Christmas Day to exchange food and souvenirs. A number of soldiers even played a football match.

The final stop of the day was to the Menin Gates where the students laid a wreath and observed a 2 minute silence.

Students’ reports: Katherine Tozer wrote of the day “The school trip to Ypres for Year Nine was, in a word, superlative. The memorial and museums we visited were informative and engaging and my favourite was the re-enactment that took place with actors we met earlier in the day. The teachers were brilliant too, considering how early they got up to get us across three countries in less than 24 hours. Which brings us to our next order of business; the earliness. It was eye-wateringly painful getting up that early but it was certainly worth it to see Belgium.”

Matthew Baker wrote “I went on The Christmas Truce Trip because I thought it would be fun and interesting. We learnt lots more about WW1 and what happened in the war in that part of Belgium. We visited museums, graveyards of the soldiers, we saw re-enactment of the truce and got to buy chocolate at the Christmas market at the end of the day. It was a fun and informative day”


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Christmas Services in Tring Team Parish

All choirs will be involved: Chamber Choir, Girls’ Choir, Male Voice, Junior Choir, Senior Choir and Flute Group.

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Christmas Concert 2016

The Desborough Hall saw a packed house for this year’s Christmas Concert last week and the audience were treated to an outstanding evening of music performed by the students and staff. Some of the highlights of the evening were the Male Voice Choir and the Acoustic Band performing their version of an Arctic Monkeys song with The Swing Band closing the evening in spectacular style.  Click here to return to Music Message Board


Music Department Christmas Concert – Friday 16 December 2016 at 7.00pm

CaptureTickets are now available from Ticketsource.  Just bring your e-ticket to the concert.  Click link below to buy tickets.

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Shanty – The Game

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With jelly baby children to protect, the Year 10 GCSE Geography students had to consider what life would be like living in the Favelas of Rio de Janeiro and build a shanty dwelling to protect their family. Each group of students had to build a rain proof house using items they found in the “rubbish tip” which was only open for a limited period of time and was subject to closure without notice. If they failed to meet the rules they were sent to prison.

The students have been studying urban change in lower income countries and newly emerging economies such as Brazil. Once the groups had built their shanty dwelling they took them all outside to subject them to “rain & a landslide” to see if their family would stay safe and dry.

Two students wrote about the lesson. “The shanty game was a fun way to learn about the challenges that people face when building their homes, and in this case, Rio de Janeiro’s favelas. The aim of the game was to create a waterproof house from cardboard and plastic to protect the people– jelly babies. However there were challenges which included your house being doused, lack of birth control and disease. Afterwards we then analysed the game which allowed us to see the challenges and how they   affected living standards there” Tim Baldwin

“The aim of the game ‘shanty’ was to get us to consider what life in a squatter settlement is like. We had to make shanty houses out of the recycled materials from the ‘dump’. This dump opened and closed throughout the game and in there were pieces of cardboard and plastic bags. We had to make our house rainproof and house the 6 members of the family (jelly babies). Throughout the game Miss Alder gave us cards about what was going on in the settlements and what has happened to our family. For example, one card said that our family was caught in between two gangs and was hurt- therefore two of our family members got their legs bitten off! It was a fun way to learn about life in the squatter settlements in Rio de Janeiro, and helped us to gain an understanding of the issues the people face in their lives” Charlotte Hood



Tring Christmas Community Concert – Swinging into Christmas

The School Swing band were decked out in their festive jumpers for the Tring Christmas Community Concert held at The Victoria Hall. The band played a mix of both festive numbers and classics, following their success at the recent Festival of Fire, the band did not disappoint! They performed a superb set and got everyone dancing in their seats with tunes such as “That Man” and a refreshing take on “Jingle Bells”. Credit to all members of the band, especially soloist Amy Behan and Nathen Gunaselvam, who also arranged several of the musical numbers.  Click here to return to Music Message Board

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Time Out For Dads

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