Friday Anti-Bullying Week 2015

Anti Bullying Week 16-20 November 2015

Friday Anti-Bullying Week 2015


Parent Governor Election – Autumn 2015


Dear Parents

Parent Governor Election, Autumn 2015

I am writing to you today to invite nominations for 2 parent governor vacancies. I hope that a number of you will decide to nominate yourselves for election:  a nomination form is attached and needs to be returned to the school no later than 3.30pm on Friday 20 November 2015, also forthcoming governing body meeting dates.

You need not feel that you must know anything about teaching or the running of a school in order to stand for election. Knowing about the education process is far less important than enthusiasm and a genuine interest in contributing, first, from your own understanding, as a parent of young people and, equally important, from your own personal and professional experience – the governing body needs a whole range of input from outside the education world. The term of office of a governor is four years and this gives time to learn as you go along, making a greater contribution as familiarity with the role grows. Thorough induction training and continuing training opportunities are provided.  At this time we would particularly like to fill one of these vacancies with a parent who has an Accountancy or Finance business background to serve on our Resources committee.

Tring School is a large organisation employing nearly 200 staff, with a revenue budget approaching £8 million. As with any such organisation, long term strategies and detailed objectives and plans have to be agreed on to meet the overriding objective of the school, which is to deliver the best possible education at all times for each of the school’s pupils.  Governors, as a body, are called upon to support the Headteacher and the leadership team in critical discussion of current practice and future development and to ensure appropriate accountability.

The full Governing Body meets 6 times a year. Members will also sit on one or more of the two committees:  these look in greater detail at the areas of finance, personnel, the effectiveness of teaching and learning, the curriculum subjects on offer, student welfare, the buildings, and relationships with the Tring community.  Each committee also meets about 6 times a year.  These take place on weekday evenings at 6pm, a schedule of meeting dates is attached.

However, being a governor is much more interesting than just papers and meetings: it offers the chance of fuller engagement with the whole life of the school – supporting its wide range of activities and visiting during the school day to learn about its primary function.  This is a voluntary activity which does take time and energy, but I believe that all of the existing governors would agree that they find it immensely rewarding to be contributing in this way to the development of a flourishing school.

If you think you may be interested in joining us but would like to discuss any queries with me before making a decision whether to stand, please telephone the school and leave a message and I shall get back to you and arrange to meet you if you so wish.

We hope a number of you will be willing to offer yourselves for election to this important role within your children’s school and we look forward to welcoming the parents elected to their first meeting next term.

Yours sincerely

Janis Donald

Chairman of Governors

Please complete the Parent Governor nomination form attached below.



Sixth Form Open Evening – Wednesday 25 November – 7.00-8.45pm

Sixth Form Open Evening – Wednesday 25 November – 7.00-8.45pm

We would like to invite you and your son/daughter to the Post 16 Information Evening.
External applicants are welcome to attend as well as current students of Tring School.

The purpose of the evening is to give both students and parents a clear overview of Tring School Sixth Form and the programme of study available.  It is our aim that students make an informed decision about their future and choose a pathway most suited to their needs.

The evening will be split into two parts; There will be a presentation by the Sixth Form Team to explain Post-16 education and qualifications, the application process and to give you a flavour of Sixth Form life.   There will also be Subject Fair providing an opportunity to talk with Subject Leaders and departmental staff.

Please email: for further information. 


Tring School Saves Tonnes of CO2

Tring School has just improved its energy efficiency rating for the second successive year. This is a statutory process for public buildings over 500m2 called Energy Performance of Buildings. The building is given a rating of A through to G (much the same as on a domestic appliance) and an operational ‘score’. Typically, buildings like Tring School’s would have a rating of D or E and a score of 100. The recent assessment gave Tring School a C grade and a score of 64, an improvement from 111 in 2013 and 72 last year.

This has also meant a huge reduction in CO2 emissions. In 2013 the school was emitting 617 tonnes per year. This was reduced to 380 tonnes in 2014 and 316 tonnes in 2015. Given that a tonne of CO2 is approximately the size of a three-bedroomed house this is an awful of lot ‘greenhouse gas’ that has been avoided. The reduction in gas usage is approximately 34% which has led to a saving of over £13,000 per annum.

This improvement has come about through initiatives such as improved roofing insulation, implementing LED lighting, more efficient boilers and raising student and adult awareness of the benefits of turning off devices.

Reducing energy consumption is just one of the items on the School’s ‘Green Agenda’. This is student led through the Eco Council, which is currently working towards the coveted Green Flag award, having achieved the Silver Eco Schools award last year.

Tring School has also seen an astonishing turnaround in the effectiveness of its recycling. From next to nothing in 2013 the school now recycles 99% of the rubbish it creates. Other initiatives include infra-red taps and flush management systems to reduce water usage, and energy-efficient blade hand driers to reduce paper waste. Environmental issues are frequently covered in assemblies and are firmly embedded in the curriculum. The school has just started working with a local primary school in order to share its good practices and to look for new ideas.

The school is on the verge of starting a major rebuilding project and a critical element of this will be using sustainable energy sources in order to further reduce the school’s carbon footprint. Another project in the pipeline is for Tring School students to raise the funds to purchase a commercial composter. The plan is for the output from this to be used on a school allotment that will in turn provide produce for the school kitchen.